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  1. Definitely turned out exceptionally lovely.
  2. It looks beautiful Laraine. The colors have come up so nicely in that pattern.
  3. Thanks Laraine! I will try it out. It sounds really nice. Post a pic when you have finished
  4. Thanks Country Yarns. I think I might have to create that one too. Looks lovely!
  5. Avon Lady! Thank you! It isn't exactly that but i have worked out it is 1dc, 1sc in the same stitch then skip a stitch & repeat. Thank you!!!
  6. Thanks for responding ladies. It isn't either of those unfortunately. The bumps look more like little knots.
  7. I came across this saved image in my bookmarks but there is no link. Can anyone work out what pattern this is please? Thanks in advance! Ayla
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