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  1. Welcome back Thanks to everyone who welcomed me back
  2. I joined crochetville when it first started a few years ago, I havent been on for a few years, had a hard time finding it and forgot my password but finally got on. Just wanted to say hi to everyone glad to be back evelyn
  3. That is a very pretty afghan, you do very good work. Look for an email from me.
  4. I feel the same as RoseRed, horrified! Doilys are pretty framed in a picture frame. One of my boss's took one of my doilys and copied it on a copy machine, and it looked kind of neet, but the doily wasnt ruined. Just my thoughts!
  5. from Utah Your link didnt work so I googled it, you have nice stuff there.
  6. Just wanted to tell everyone that the eclipse was amazing, It will be about 20 years before it happens again. when the moon centered on the sun it was like a ring of fire around it. alot of people got some good pictures of it. I dont have a camera that would take a good picture. Hope everyone has a good day
  7. Hello all hope you are all having a good week-end. Are you all going to see the moon or sun equlipse today? I got my glass's so I could look. We are going to have the best view for it. I will just step out of my house and look. Sue I hope your finger gets better soon, I had a sore finger for a year, every time I moved it seems I bumped on something, it would almost send me through the roof it was so sore. Have a nice day
  8. Very pretty, love your butterflys!
  9. Hope you all had a happy mothers day!
  10. Thats the board I was on too, and I thought you done the tables there too. I must have seen them here and thought it was the other board. You do a beautiful job.
  11. Your table is beautiful, I remember your pretty tables from another board we used to be on. Have you been doing these here for along time? This is the first time Ive seen it on this board, and Ive been here for along time. You have beautiful things and memories. Happy Mothers Day!
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