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  1. Welcome back Thanks to everyone who welcomed me back
  2. evelyn

    an old member

    I joined crochetville when it first started a few years ago, I havent been on for a few years, had a hard time finding it and forgot my password but finally got on. Just wanted to say hi to everyone glad to be back evelyn
  3. evelyn

    C’ville December 2013 Tote

    congratulaions on the bag Its very pretty color sorry for your loss
  4. evelyn

    C’ville November 2013 Tote

  5. evelyn

    C’ville August 2013 Tote

    Yellow looks so cool! A very pretty tote
  6. evelyn

    C’Ville July 2013 Tote

    a really pretty bag as all of them are
  7. evelyn

    Some good clean fun?!

    Happy Mothers Day to all you ladies
  8. evelyn

    C’Ville May 2013 Tote

    love the colors very pretty
  9. evelyn

    C’Ville April 2013 Tote

    Very pretty bag HAPPY EASTER
  10. evelyn

    C’Ville March 2013 Tote

    Very pretty bag as all of them are. I have no Ideah who or where its going. whoever it goes to will be very happy
  11. evelyn

    C’Ville February 2013 Tote

    A very pretty bag as always congrats mom4x
  12. evelyn

    C’Ville January 2013 Tote

    congrats on your bag Beautiful colors!
  13. evelyn

    C’Ville December 2012 Tote

    Growing up we always had a real tree, you could just go cut a tree, as long as you werent in the park. Later you had to get a tag to have one. We had lights and ornaments the angel on top, and the tinsel that hung from the tree, and got on every thing. When you were little it really had a feel of magic. there wasnt alot of presents under the tree but you always got a present. And all of the home made goodies. so good! The tote is very pretty, I love them all Happy birthday to the BD girls
  14. evelyn

    C’Ville November 2012 Tote

    congratulations on your new bag!
  15. evelyn

    C’Ville November 2012 Tote

    This bag is very pretty the person who gets it will be very proud .