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  • Birthday 02/17/1955

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    I am a wife, mom, grandma, dance teacher.
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    Pittsfield, Ny
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    crochet, nature study blogging about ballet and tap
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    Dance Teacher
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    since i was 8
  1. Hello from Central New York State where is snows EVERY DAY....rural and beautiful But ok...enough snow already. Nice to meet you Summerwine. I like to knit also but am not very good at it. I find that crochet moves quicker. I guess that is just me.... Talk soon. TeriAnne
  2. all I can say is WOW! Her bags are beautiful! and anyone who receives one is very fortunate
  3. Thank you Greyhound Grandma, Pineknott, and Tampa Doll....It is nice to return. Now I just have to find time to actually pick up a hook! LOL Please tell me ...what is a Baglady? I remember seeing Bagladies on the streets of Manhattan, when I was a young dancer in the 1970s going to my dance classes. So what does that term mean here? Can I be one too? LOL
  4. Good Morning Everyone I am not a new member, but a member who has been MIA for a while. Since my join in 2015 (I checked my original introduction) I have gained 2 grandchildren! Now that is a way to tell time, isn't it? Back in 2015 I opened another dance school, which would be my 4th! (I sold 2 and closed one due to moving out of the area) The dance school took a big hit during this year due to COVID but we are surviving, and working on our recital! I have been crocheting since I was 8. (I was born in 1955, the same year Marty Mc Fly went back to) I was taught by my father's madrina
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