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    I am a wife, mom, grandma, dance teacher.
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    Pittsfield, Ny
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    crochet, nature study blogging about ballet and tap
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    Dance Teacher
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    since i was 8
  1. Hello from Central New York State where is snows EVERY DAY....rural and beautiful But ok...enough snow already. Nice to meet you Summerwine. I like to knit also but am not very good at it. I find that crochet moves quicker. I guess that is just me.... Talk soon. TeriAnne
  2. all I can say is WOW! Her bags are beautiful! and anyone who receives one is very fortunate
  3. Thank you Greyhound Grandma, Pineknott, and Tampa Doll....It is nice to return. Now I just have to find time to actually pick up a hook! LOL Please tell me ...what is a Baglady? I remember seeing Bagladies on the streets of Manhattan, when I was a young dancer in the 1970s going to my dance classes. So what does that term mean here? Can I be one too? LOL
  4. Good Morning Everyone I am not a new member, but a member who has been MIA for a while. Since my join in 2015 (I checked my original introduction) I have gained 2 grandchildren! Now that is a way to tell time, isn't it? Back in 2015 I opened another dance school, which would be my 4th! (I sold 2 and closed one due to moving out of the area) The dance school took a big hit during this year due to COVID but we are surviving, and working on our recital! I have been crocheting since I was 8. (I was born in 1955, the same year Marty Mc Fly went back to) I was taught by my father's madrina
  5. Good morning Julie-tek from FREEZING.... rural Central NY...where it is ALWAYS snowing....well at least it feels like that...today -7 and windchill -30 at least I can stay in and crochet...LOL welcome
  6. Hello Jennifer So nice to meet you. I am hearing but I love deaf culture!!! I homeschooled my 3 children and I taught them ASL all through their school years. I am self taught so I may not always be accurate with my signs and correct grammar but my youngest daughter is very fluent. She practiced the most. Since I am not a part of a deaf community and only get to sigh with my youngest daughter, I keep up with Dr Bill Vicars...he has a teaching site www.lifeprint.com I am happy to get to know you ....what project are you currently working on? Teri Anne
  7. Welcome Rebelle Nice to meet you ....looking forward to getting acquainted with you
  8. yes I remember how popular they were when I was a kid! My mom bought me one to wear to school and I still have it!
  9. I bought a pattern of a really cool one and ordered cotton to make it....what do you think? I saw this picture on FB and someone said the pattern was for sale on Raverly....found it ...bought it...
  10. I love the look...I am a definite child of the '70s and still sometimes into the Native American look. I have notices patterns coming up on line with that South West flare about them and popping up on several different crochet blogs....
  11. is it me or do I see on the internet an increase this year of crocheted ponchos? Are ponchos a trend this spring? The were once very popular when I was a kid in the 1970s but seem to be making a big come back this season. Your thoughts/
  12. Hi Megan ...I am in Pittsfield...it is in between, Norwich and Oneonta....Central NY area...although I am Jersey Shore native. I moved to Pittsfieled in 2006, I used to camp in Saugerties back in the 1970s, 80s and 90s....Loved going to Woodstock center shopping......I had shared a house in the 1970s for a summer with friends in East Jewett. nice to meet you
  13. Thank you all for the warm welcome~ .. there is a lot of navigating on Crochetville that I have to do yet...I think I am going to like it here
  14. I have been a member here and I never introduced myself to you all..... I am a wife, mother of 3, grandma of 3. I have been crocheting forever ...well since about 8 years old. Not continuously, since my friends in my teenage years thought it to be" not cool and old farty"...they were certainly wrong but you know what it is like as a teenager...well I picked up again when I got married in dribs and drabs but more so the past 10 years. I have taught my 3 children to crochet, one is a son and he has made 1 afghan when he was about 18 or so and that was it...my oldest a girl and now married wi
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