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  1. Lisa

    Spiral Round Ripple

    I was inspired for this by a 16 point RR I saw on FB. Mine is a 12 point and took about 3.5 ounces each of 12 colors. I didn't measure it before I gave it away but it covers a love seat! So many color combinations going through my head right now!!
  2. I love that pattern! Your colors are great! I made a baby blue and white one and also left off the corner blocks.
  3. Lisa

    Post Stitch Afghan

    Very pretty! I like your colors. I made that one in all lavendar and I also added more blocks so it's larger. I sleep with it and it's soooo warm!!
  4. Lisa

    Blue Star in Sage Mary

    Thanks!!! I mostly give them away or donate them to church or charity. I have sold a couple. I have a trunk full of them right now!!
  5. That's beautiful! Love the colors! It would look great in the Brady Bunch's family room!!
  6. Lisa

    Sage Mary Afghan

    Sage Mary is my favorite yarn too. It looks great with the Dark Plum. You did a great job!
  7. Lisa

    Blue Star in Sage Mary

    It has it's places where I had to turn the TV off and concentrate but it wasn't too bad!! I highly recommend it!! The color combinations are endless! I'd love to see what everyone does with it!!
  8. Lisa

    Blue Star in Sage Mary

    Thanks everyone! I really enjoyed making this one! You can find that pattern here: http://www.leisureartslibrary.com/cart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idcategory=89&idproduct=103 I've made that one several times with ww instead of baby yarn. I also added to it to make it bigger.
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