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  1. Oh yes, I love Vann's Choice yarn. For acrylic, I find the texture to be superb. Currently, I am making an acrylic afghan using Red Heart's With Love which is also ok - not my favorite, but way better than the super saver red heart yarn. YarnJeannie: G and H hooks are great for using acrylic yarn. I feel like acrylic with G/H hooks shows patterns very well. Personally, I find the larger hook size I use, the more blending of fibers I need to consider because not only the texture of the pattern speaks, but the larger stitches shows the texture of the yarn. My mom is a crochet goddess, though, and swears by G and H hooks with acrylic fiber to show a complex pattern.
  2. Your work is just stunning. Your joining is excellent. Just wow.
  3. Your work is nice and even. Filet crochet is a beautiful thing when the tension is superb. You did a great job.
  4. That is adorable! That is so cleaver doing a doily for each month.
  5. That's great, Avon Lady! The prayer shawls sound good. Do you use particular patterns for them or design your own?
  6. That is such a good point, Roe, about using acrylic when crocheting for charity just in case someone has allergies.
  7. So, what is your crochet perspective? What styles do you gravitate towards? How do you decide what pattern you choose? Do you have a favorite hook size? Do you specialize in afghans, doilies, etc? I kind of have a short list of qualifications before I start/design a new pattern. I make afghans almost exclusively with some exceptions. (1) Contrast of texture - does it incorporate multiple textures - popcorn, cables, ripple, basic stitches, etc. (2) Color flexibility - lately, I have been gravitating towards vintage styling. The patterns, if they are vintage, I like to use modern colors. If the technique is more modern, I like to incorporate vintage colors. (3) Adaptable to different fibers - most afghans seem to be written for acrylic yarn. I have noticed not all patterns look good with natural fibers. Though I do use acrylic for afghans, the past few years I have wanted to challenge myself to incorporate different fibers and weights in yarn. I am finding I like the drapability of natural fibers much better. (4) "J" hook - Recently, my favorite hook size is J. I find most afghan patterns are not big enough for me. I am a tall guy at 6'5". I like to use my afghans I make. I usually like to use a J hook because it adds more length and width for me. I usually increase to a pretty bulky yarn so the work looks tighter. I also like the added weight it gives. I do like to use smaller hooks on occasion, though, if I am hooked on the pattern and doesn't look good in a J hook. (5) Crochet Dense - I am drawn to afghans that use a lot of single crochet work in the different techniques. I find it gives almost a woven look when I combine the other points above.
  8. For needlework, I mainly crochet. I used to cross stitch a lot but do not really have the time/patience for it anymore. As for other stuff, I LOVE cooking and baking. In fact, I am a chef by trade. So if any of you need cooking advice, I'm your go to guy! I own a catering business, www.NewEnglandFlare.com. Just the other day, I made a Tangerine Arugula Salad with Mint, Merlot Cheese, and Jalapeño Vinaigrette paired with Eggs Benedict with Cherry-smoked Canadian bacon and hollandaise sauce. It was a brunch to die for. Seriously though, if any of you need cooking tips/help/etc, shoot me a message and I'll get back to you.
  9. It is so nice to see young people crocheting. I didn't think there were that many young people still doing needle crafts. I am 24 years old. Been crocheting since I was 11.
  10. I tend to agree with you on Divine yarn. I am currently working an afghan in Divine. It is super super soft, but when you crochet it into something it changes texture. I eventually went up to a J hook and the larger hook allowed the yarn to retain the soft characteristic. I will say though, it was difficult to find an afghan pattern that complimented the yarn - so I designed my own (still in its early stages). The photo doesn't show the fuzziness of the afghan well. Other than that, though I love the fisherman's wool by lion brand, the yarn was either knotted or broken in various places throughout the 12 skeins I used for another afghan. My favorite yarn is probably Patons Classic Wool Roving. Super soft for wool - not itchy.
  11. I learned to crochet when I was 11 years old from a neighbor. She was watching us kids while my mom was out of town for the day. That day I started my first afghan. The afghan is now 13 years old and still in great condition. I have attached a photo below. The afghan is simple - double and single crochet rows in alternating stripes of maroon and blue. I treasure the afghan and the memories associated with making it. I distinctly remember sewing in the last ends in the car on a hot September Wednesday while on the way to enter it into a local needlework competition. The afghan won Best in Show for junior exhibits. Since then, I have been hooked on crochet and make at least 1 or 2 afghans every year.
  12. Dragnlady: I love that afghan! Very appealing to the eyes.
  13. Hi Greenowl - I have been crocheting for about 13 years now. I learned when I was 11 and have been hooked ever since.
  14. You can see in the photos how I joined the corners. Most motif afghans, I can tell where the direction and sequence the where attached. But I didn't want that. By adding the single crochet to the corners it is difficult to tell which square I attached first, second, third, etc.
  15. Hi Lynn2012 - I think the motif afghan is from a book called, Great Afghans. I modified the pattern. Where the green is (round 3), the pattern said to pick up the front loops from the first round, when I did that it distorted the shape of the motif. Instead, I went around all the loops. I think it separated the white from the rest of the pattern and made the contrast pop. Also, I joined it differently than the book does. I crochet (slip stiches) then together from the back using the closest loops to each other. When I got to the place where all the corners match, I single crocheted to create stable corners. Also it created a nice triangular stitch in the corners which were very attractive. Since the afghan is for competition, the judges look for small details. So I try to incorporate different concepts.
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