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  1. Thank you! I checked out their facebook page and what they're doing is wonderful!
  2. Thank you for the info, it's appreciated. Off to hopefully find another similar charity who supports our veterans!
  3. Does anyone have an info regarding this charity that collects 6X9 rectangles to assemble into afghans for veterans? I'm interested in doing this however I can't find membership info. Thank you!
  4. Finally got the baby blanket done! Made a little hat to match WTD Started = 1 WTD Completed = 2
  5. Score for week ending 1/28/12 WTD +9 YTD +20
  6. Projects Started = 0 Projects Completed = 0
  7. I looked back at it longingly numerous times before it was out of my sight but I learned that it can indeed be done! Done happily is a different story
  8. Turned a skein into a ball this week so only a measly +1 so far. I'm hoping to at least finish that skein on the baby blanket today. On the positive side I stopped at the store yesterday and somehow yarn made it into my basket and right before I checked out I put it back. I guess I do have some willpower ...who would've thunk!
  9. I never got around to posting my score yesterday. I started and finished 2 hats. Started a baby blanket for my niece which I'm hoping to have done this week. I worked on a WIP but have to weave in ends and sew still. Projects Started = 3 Projects Completed = 2
  10. Ooops! So sorry it's late but I'll post it anyway. WTD=+8 YTD=+10
  11. Yay! Finally finished something Score for week ending 1/7/12 Started Projects: 0 Completed Projects: 1
  12. Score for week ending 1/7/12 WTD: +2 / YTD: +2
  13. Would love to join this CAL... I have the attention span of a 2 year old when it comes to my crochet projects. Hopefully I'll finish the hat I started a week ago today to end the week on a positive note. I'll post my score later today =)
  14. I'd like to join in on the fun too please =)
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