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  1. Howdy everyone, I need serious help here. I am going to crochet 3 of my grand nieces some ponchos. I have a few of the free patterns from wal-mart but none are the right sizes. All are girls and their sizes are ... 1st is for a 3 yr old toddler, next is size 10 and then size 12. Hoping someone can help me as they've already picked out their colors and are sooooo excited! Did I mention that I need CROCHET patterns?
  2. Hi guys, I went to some sites that ya'll have mentioned but I don't want to do animals and critters with beads, and no rope either. I am interested in crocheting the thin yarn (thread?) with beads for a look of elegance. Maybe using with doilies and dresser and table runners? How do you get the beads in the crocheting? do you put them on as you go or do you string an abundance of them on the thread in the very beginning and then when you need one in a certain spot just bring it to you and crochet it in? Sorry to sound so dumb about this but I have never worked with beads before. I've been crocheting since I was 8 yrs old (I'm now 42 and a grandma) so I've been crocheting for a while now...but never with beads. I'd like to learn how. Many Thanks....Beverly
  3. I had already been to both of those places and didn't find it. The pattern that I was looking for was square like it is made and then sewn to a pillow? Beautiful pattern.........angel
  4. I use to have one in one of my book but for the life of me can't find it anywhere. I have also searched the net for crochet patterns for the pineapple or pineapple and roses doilies. I also have been looking for a matching pattern for a dresser runner. The pattern is for the thin yarn(threadlike?) Any help would be REALLY appreciated. Thank you. Beverly
  5. I live in Havana, AR. it's about 65 miles from the AR/OK border line. Maybe we in AR/OK can get to gether every bluemoon and crochet, shoot the breeze, have a snack/sandwich party or all of the above! Personal e-mail is angel1@arkwest.com Thanks.
  6. I am in Havana, AR. I use to live in the Rogers/ Bentonville area...but that was 20 yrs ago! am looking for land so I can move back. I crochet ALOT. I normally crochet afghans and bedspreads but lately I am crocheting baby blankets (we've got a new grandbaby on the way-due in Feb). I am also looking for patterns for thread doilies and other thread projects for the home. I want to spruce up the house. Give me a holler. I am at angel1@arkwest.com My real name is Beverly McConnell
  7. Hello, I don't know where in OK you are but I am across the line in Arkansas..about 65 miles. Where are you?
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