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  1. Thank you sari sue - I'll go back to it and have another go.
  2. Everybody has been so welcoming, thanks so much.
  3. Thank you for the welcome. I have posted a question on thread crochet on something I was puzzling over.
  4. Thank you - I was worried it would just produce a lump but maybe it's meant to. I'll have a go and let you know.
  5. Hi. I've been crocheting for the last 2 or 3 years - mostly throws and clothes for my grandchildren and I'm now really enjoying trying thread crochet and I'm teaching myself to crochet doileys. I am working my way through some of Patricia Kristoffersen's 99 Little Doilys & have got stuck on no 96 round 3 (& other rounds as I look ahead). At the end of round 2 you do a sc into the first sc of previous round making a ch-2 sp & then round 3 says -- ch1, sc in last ch-2 sp made and in next sc, sc in next ch-2 sp, ch2, work FPdtr etc etc. My question is how to sc in the last ch-2 sp made. Does it mean the sp made by the end of round 2? Do I turn the work or do a reverse sc? I need to work this out as I can see that many patterns have this instruction & I'm having to avoid trying them until I know what to do. I'd be very grateful if some one can help me. Many thanks.
  6. I'm interested in thread crochet & am teaching myself how to make doileys. Confused about a couple of the instructions!
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