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  1. And Allieliz, I recieved yours as well! Thanks so much! Whew, I think that's everyone! I recieved so many packages in such a short amount of time, it's hard to keep up! Thank you all so so much!
  2. Nevie, I recieved your package yesterday! I love it! Thank you so much!
  3. Carol and Grannyannie I recieved both of your packages! They are both great! Thank you so much for sending!
  4. It says in the description that any fiber arts craft person (including crochet) can use it! "If you are a fiber arts craft person (knitter, spinner, crocheter), then you will appreciate these nifty little laminated cards. They contain valuable information which makes knitting and other fiber-related craft tasks easier!" Hope that helps!
  5. Sending you a pm Nevie! Sorry haven't been able to get on in a couple days! That hat is SOOO cute! GrandmotherTurtle sending you a pm now with mailing info! Thank you both so much for volunteering!
  6. I don't think anyone has suggested this yet...you said your grandmother is in a wheelchair. Does your grandfather push her around? You could make a nice bag that could hang on the back of the wheel chair that your grandma/grandpa could keep their glasses, key, and other small things in.
  7. allieliz, I just pm'd you my info! Thanks so much for volunteering!
  8. Kulaslk and Crochet_Gram - I just pm'd you both! Thanks so much for volunteering! And Kulaslk, 350 squares is a LOT! I can't believe you've made that many! Hopefully you ladies are still interested in sending! , Krystal
  9. I can always use more caps! This is an ongoing project, so just let me know when you are ready to send and I'll pm you my snail mail address! Thanks so much!!!!
  10. That's beautiful! yarn_monkey, if you only want it a tiny bit bigger, you could just add a nice border around it.
  11. ok, I am thinking of writing up some of my patterns and attempting to sell them to put into a fund for the baby on the way. So I have a few questions for pattern designers: 1. How do you decide what to price your patterns at? 2. If you've had your patterns officially published, how did you go about submitting them, and is there a general pay rate or is it varied depending on the publication? 3. What type of patterns seem to sell the best for you? (eg. bags, hats, scarve, kitchen items, etc.) 4. How do you distribute your patterns when selling online, via email, snail mail or do you make a PDF file? 5. Do you do any kind of advertising for your site? If so, has it been successful/what was the most successful? 6. Do you have anymore tips or advice for someone who is just starting out?
  12. oh yeah my family likes to say that I'm a 90 year old trapped in a 20 year old's body! I just laugh it off though!
  13. That's gorgeous! If I find out I'm having a boy, those are the colors I want!
  14. oops I'm sorry snowbird, I could have sworn I pm'd you!!! I'm pming you now just in case!
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