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    A native Texan, I wish to live in a two story house in Galveston TX one day. I have been crocheting for a few years now.I am an extremely creative Libra Red Head who loves life. And I mean I love life. Life is awesome. But I am also a bohemian gothic type. And I love Rainbows. And cats. And corgis. I wish to one day just swim in a pool of pizza, that would be awesome, and marry Curry. Or swim in it too. Either one works. My dream car is a Blue Toyota Yaris. My favourite colour is purple.
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    Fort Worth Texas
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    Crochet, Painting, Jewelry Making, Polymer Clay, Drawing, Meowing, Cooking, Programming, JAVA, HTML
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    Receptionist at B.I.R.C.
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    Slouchy Beanie
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  1. I freaking love 'I Love This Yarn' they have this one combo colour that I am ALWAYS using, it's teal with grey and blue and it's BEAUTIFUL!
  2. I taught myself, my grandmother who crocheted was long since passed on when I took interest, and my other grandmother only knitted so I just taught myself how to crochet with pictures and videos online.
  3. I am 20, will turn 21 in October! Just in time for my wedding! PARTY! WOOO!
  4. Besides crochet, I also paint on stretched canvas, draw sometimes, write short stories and novel[though I never get the courage to get them published], I make little things out of polymer clay such as pendants and earrings, I also make earrings and pendants from beads and wire. I love hot gluing things; like wreaths and EDM Bras.
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