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  1. Thank you for all the welcoming replys. Those were all wonderful suggestions and I plan on making some of them I only plan on doing one or two things per holiday so I can make as many of them as possible to sell for those holidays. And I only have two weeks off from school to do it lol
  2. Hi my name is Beth, I am a full time nursing student and part time care provider. I crochet in my spare time and sell my crochet items to support my husband and I. It is a passion of mine that I've worked on improving the past couple of years. Right now I am working on Mother's Day and Father's Day ideas and would love any inputs or ideas ????. I'm hoping to make enough things and have ready before those days to sell at a local shop that buys and only sells locally made crafted items. I am making fruit coaster for Mother's Day and have plans to make chocolate covered strawberries and maybe cup cozies and Father's Day beer cozies, maybe sport coasters and not sure what else would be good. So if you have ideas or want to talk about anything else message me Beth
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