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  1. That is really very beautiful. I never thought of free form in a single color before. I'm going to have to give that a try! Thanks for the inspiration.
  2. I'd have to say it's 50/50 for me. I go through phases where I'm online more .
  3. I think five: -a pair of socks that i can't seem to finish(I've only the toe to do!) -a poncho -a scarf that i can't find -cape for my daughter -prayer shawl That is about 3 more project than I would have liked to have admitted. because I also have 3 on needle; -prayer shawl -hat(that I just found) -scarf (to work on the go)
  4. I think that this just about sums it up. My mother can be the same way. Out of her four kids, I'm the one who gave her and Dad the least problems growing up, honor roll, went to college without question, immediately started working in my field, never a drug user or party girl, etc. She alawys finds something deficient in me. When it came to my crafts (for I have many) she said," why are you learning to crochet? You already do other stuff. If you try to do too many things, then you'll never be good at any of them." My thought on that was "Who cares?!" I crochet and craft because I enjoy doing it, not because it turns out an end product (although FO's are so nice). My mom had depression problems too. All in all, I think she has to think that she knows more than her kids in order to respect herself, but it's a real pain. Sometimes she can say the most awful things.
  5. Why is it that the nosy neighbor lady on Barnyard is making a crocheted doily using knitting needles, which, I might add, she is holding up-side-down? It's not the first time I've seen al of this stuff all mixed up. Anyone else come across such a mix up?
  6. Adorable! You have way more patience than me. Still I think that I'd rather learn to crochet Barbie clothes than sew them. Those seam allowances are so tiny! Great job!
  7. oh, I hate this! As someone who loves both crochet and knitting, I have experienced this kind of snobbery. A lot, not all, of knitter's seem to be fiber snobs, and some will admidt it as such. They only buy yarn from the local yarn shop(LYS) and such websites. Well, I agree that the yarn is nice and I like to use it too, but I just can't afford a lot of it, and I'm sorry, I love Red Heart Yarn! I remember that I was once in the LYS , and someone called and asked if they carried Red Heart. The sales people laughed after they had hung up the phone. They especially seem to dislike anything that has to do with Lion Brand, patterns, yarn, whatever. What's sad is that one of the hosts, of a podcast that I listen to, said that they used to knit in acrylic yarn until they found out that it was considered yucky in the knitting world. I thought "what a shame. That person was perfectly happy with it until they let themselves be swayed by the snobs!" I just finished a jumper for my daughter knitted in Red Heart. I feel like a closet knitter, because I use acrylics sometimes. As for crochet, I have yet to come across a fiber snob. The crochet community seems to more at ease, overall. I'm not trying to spread negativity or anything, just sharing what I know. I still love the fiber snobs. I can understand what they prefer, it's just that some of them are uncouth towards all things crochet.
  8. What ended up working for me, is using photobucket and then choosing to copy the last option on the page of generated codes, and then paste it into the insert image box on the crochetville forum.
  9. look my brother figured it out for me!
  10. Thanks for all of your help, but I'm still not getting it. I checked User CP and I did/do have the enhanced interface option selected. As for the three codes right under my photo, I have no idea what that means. Shrinking my photos to avatar size didn't help either. I just don't get it because I have no problems on the other forum and it uses the same format as this one.
  11. Sorry, I'm still having no luck. I use photo bucket on my other forum. It works just fine, but for some reason, I kjust can't figure out this one. I go to photobucket and select my photo, generate the code, copy it. I click on the insert image icon and paste. My photo never show up. On my othe forum, I can just copy an dpaste right into my post. I don't have to click an insert image icon. On this forum, I'm not seeing that option, so I'm completely baffled. I haven't tried avatar size photos, so that will be my next attempt.
  12. I have a photobucket account, and I'm following the directions given on the forum. Why can't I get my photos in my posts? What am I forgetting? I've resized, and copy/pasted into the little image thingy, and still I don't know. thanks waponswa
  13. Does anyone else have to use a hook depending on it's color? I can't stand to use a hook that clashes with my yarn color. Maybe it's the art teacher in me.
  14. oh, are we keeping count? Umm...is there a patterns anonymous group out there? ( Not like I'd want to join )
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