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    Infinity scarves and amigurumi projects
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  1. I have copied and pasted to google translator and there are terms that I don't understand. If you are able to help, here is the link to the free pattern: Thank you so much!
  2. I want to make this. Would you say that its a foundation chain,then sc a few rows, then dc, ch 1, skip st, repeat, gather at desired length? Any increasing between sc row end and start of dc rows?
  3. RoJonesDesigns

    What is this stitch technique called?

    Sorry. I didn't realized that the uploading wasn't completed. Let me know if you still can't see it.
  4. What is this stitch? I placed a quarter on it so that you can see how loose it is.
  5. Hi everyone! Or should I say 'Hey' in my native Carolina greeting;) Crocheting was my first craft at five years old. My aunt taught me how to make granny squares and although I enjoyed crocheting, I never progressed in skill level, just created things from granny squares. I made a few blankets for new nieces and nephews over the years, but never learned anything new. After having the crochet bag in the closet for over 10 years, I saw a quick and easy tutorial for a gorgeous infinity scarf and I took the challenge. When that project was done, I wasn't ready to put the needle away. I am in love with crocheting again and constantly learning, which is why I am here.