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    Getting older and looking for like minded people to interact with. 90% of my life revolves around computers.
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  1. This has helped a lot thank you very much for your time. I have managed to figure out on PC Stitch making it whole squares so there is no half squares going on. I managed to successfully chart a mickey that is 4.1ft by 3.1ft if i use a sc or 4.1 x 4.1 if i use a hdc. I made a test with my 5.5mm hook which allowed me to know what would happen with that gauge. I picked a pattern that will be easy to do 4 colors and then the overall background. I have to determine how I will "frame" it then get the yarn and give it a try . Even though its not the softest yarn I am going to make it with RHSS it wa
  2. I have quite a few questions regarding graphing and crochet. Any all help would be greatly appreciated. I searched the forums quite a bit and never really found any complete answers so I am hoping for guidance. I have asked on a few FB groups and havent gotten much either so I am hoping for feedback now. So here are the questions: 1. Do graphghans/c2c charts the same type of chart? 2. I own PC stitch do you all have any specific settings that will make this work better/best? How do the stitches work a lot of the edges are NOT full stitches. Do you do 2 stiches per square? Do you just wing
  3. *waves happily* Hi Ya'll!!! Now about why my counts are right but they dont line up.. I have the same number but they seem to "shrink" I think tension, yarn types. I dunno i cry. And yes that little guy is something I made... #2 is in the works you all will get to enjoy the pictures as he gets put together. He will move off to my mom.
  4. Hello everyone... My name is Tara I am still pretty new to crochet I have done some Amiguriami and a blanket. I am working on my second blanket now for my BF. I am also learning to knit. I am in my 40's (yeah yeah i hate to admit my age) have done crafty stuff most all my life but I really find crochet cathardic. I am looking for a community of like minded people that like to share ideas, projects and life stuff.. I have a lovely boyfriend some doggies and kitties. I have recently started a tumblr which i am keeping updated with my knitting and crochet shananigans.. I look forward to making fr
  5. Oh my I didnt even think of that.. you may have a very good point! I already know what changes/improvements i want to make "next time" I want to flatten the bottom of his feet more, and make the front legs with better shoulders. I need to pack further his neck its not quite as solid as i had hoped. I also want to make his name a wee bit longer. Never expected him to become what he is but I was pretty satisfied with the end result. The mane took a few hours. I wonder if i have pinks/peaches for a girlfriend. Thank you everyone for your kind comments he was fun to make.
  6. So i made this guy. This is my third attempt at a plush animal my penguin turned out pretty decent second time around. This was based originally on this pattern: http://ilovebuttonsbyemma.blogspot.com.au/2013/01/crochet-giraffe-pattern.html As you can tell he was significantly redesigned. Eyes, eyebrows, mane, tail, bowtie and nostrils were all patterned by me. Legs were modified to include hips on the back legs, as well as making horns and neck longer. Pictures:
  7. Kinda glad this doesnt only happen to me. Though I did see a sneaky feline hook in mouth running down the hall a few days ago I suspect she has her own stash. Ouchy ouch on the nail!
  8. So i was talking to my 25 year old crochet friend I am 40 and we realized that crochet here in the states seems to be a an "old lady" hobby. This makes me sad. I look at the patterns and shares from other countries and these are average women all ages and they are proud but as she said it seems any day we will wake up with 40 cats and be 90 crocheting. This makes me sad, why are we forced into the closet? What can we do to make this great hobby more "main stream"? Modern patterns help a lot, but i wish people would see it as we (my friend and I) do; look at this amazing stuff we can make w
  9. The second one is taking a lot more effort cause its SO much bigger. Had to make something to cover up a 6'2" man on a cold canadian night. I also have started doing some more things like animals .. working on a giraffe now. :-)
  10. TaraB

    Huggy Bunny

    Too cute. Cant believe how big it turned out.. will be great for when he is a toddler.
  11. TaraB

    Natalie Nautilus

    Never new you could make one look "girly" but sure enough you did. Very cute.
  12. TaraB


    Thanks all for the feedback.
  13. TaraB


    Made my second (we shall not dicuss the first) stuffed animal today. Never know what to call it to be honest so many terms amigurumi, toys, plushies.. anyhow you get the point. This is penguin #2 after penguin #1 turned out.. umm questionable. I think he turned out pretty well for my first so much still to learn. The pattern was a free beginners pdf from www.freshstiches.com Unfortunately for the life of me i can not find the actual pdf download on the site anymore. I am sure if you contact her she'll give you the link. Here he is:
  14. Thank you again for all the nice comments. First panel done of the next afghan.
  15. Awww.. i cant wait to make this stuff.
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