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    City girl who acts too old for her age sometimes, and too young others, and geeky in the extreme.
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    Southern California
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    Dragon collector, avid reader, writer, poet, digital graphics geek, card-carrying Harry Potter nut.
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    Web Designer
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    Hats! HAAAATS! Hat fiend, coming through!
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    I first learned when I was fourteen (1998ish), and I took it up again in late 2004.
  1. I swear to ALL THAT IS HOLY I will have my computer up again soon so I can talk to you guys! *sob* I miss you!
  2. Wow, Sunshine! It looks so much like the original I wondered for a moment when I looked at this page when my white teddy bear turned red! THUMBS UP!
  3. Okay, everyone, I'm just re-updating in case you wondered what the heck happened to me! I'm so sorry, but my computer's problems WEREN'T cleared up (pardon me whilst I strangle Microsoft) and I'm waiting to get software I ordered which should -finally- clear things up. I promise I will talk to you all soon. Also, my neighbor is going to be sending a list of everyone whose squares I have recieved. So I shall know your names shortly, although without opening the packages and seeing your usernames, I won't know who is who in every case. I understand it is a lengthy list, however, and I couldn't be more pleased! On a personal note, I think my grandfather, whose affairs we came to get in order following some medical problems, is probably on his last legs. It's not the happiest time but he's led a full life, he's eighty-one, and he's been on kidney dialisis for nearly six years. Thanks, bye everyone!
  4. Rebecca, you're PM has been sent. In short, no, you're not in on this one, but thanks, anyway! Cordelia, thank you. You're so nice. No more squares are needed, and thanks to everyone being so helpful and an incredibley generous donation from Renee in particular, joining yarn is no longer a problem. Good of you to ask, though.
  5. OH MY GAWD! *dies laughing* What sort of twisted psyche came up with that, I ask you! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  6. Oh, okay, Jackie. I'm glad you don't mind because I was thinking "What kind of heel must she think I am, making her buy new yarn?" Your supplier will be pleased, at least!
  7. Oh, Jackie, wait... You didn't mean you were buying more yarn because I said I prefered worsted, did you? Because sports weight is fine, I was just saying it was a preference. Please don't go out and buy more because you think what you have in your stash is unacceptable somehow, because that's fine, I promise!
  8. Thank you very much, Jackie! I will write that down and keep track. I appreciate you making one for each comfortghan, by the way. They sound very pretty. Michelle - Thank you very much for clearing that up with Cheryl. Yes, you're quite right. It was Amber and Cheryl's squares that put my estimate up to my goal. Cheryl, thank you very much for sending out the squares! I'm sorry about the confusion, and I'm glad Michelle was there to help clear things up. Your squares are very much appreciated. I'm being flooded with squares... ah... I'm drowning!! I can't wait to see them.
  9. Melissa - wow! Thank you! That sounds like one for each comfortghan. I'm so glad someone else did tunisian squares... I've been wondering if mine would be the only ones. I will write that down. Thank you again - for both your squares and your prayers.
  10. Thank you for the squares, Cheryl! I sent you a PM with my address. If someone claims some of the other squares, please let me know so I can change my count. Thanks again!
  11. Thank you, Cordelia! Those sound beautiful and I already know which comfortghan to assign to each of them. I can't wait to see them! Cheryl, that's super-nice of you! Hmm. I had to think about it for a few minutes (I kept trying to figure out a way that 7" inch squares could be laid out in a comfortghan that takes multiples or divisions of 12 inches) but the solution finally came to me: enlargement. I'll crochet around the edges of them in either a matching color or the border color to bring them to a neatly-fitting 12". Thank you so much for offering them to me! I was sure for a minute there that I would have to decline, even though I desperately wanted to accept. I'll private message you momentarily.
  12. Barbara, thank you very, very much! I will write this down and let you know how they get here and if I need more help from you. Also, it was very nice of you to make one for each comforghan. Those all sound perfect!
  13. Well, I've really only got one WIP this week, because I put all my other WIPs aside to do it. Squares and the organization of three comfortghans for some very old and very special friends who I consider family. (So if you want to help, please click the link in my signature!)
  14. That is so much fun! I've been considering making a bag based on a store-bought (crocheted) bag my mom has, which would look great in exactly the same materials - natural cotton string and twine. Now I know it can be done, so I may try it! By the way, the twine being hard on one's hands occured to me. I thought a pair of rubber kitchen gloves might help, or maybe even latex gloves if you could get your doctor to give you a pair or something.
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