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    Angie Scott
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    I love to crochet and draw and am really interested in graphic arts and animation. I created this account to tell people about my crochet site that I have recently upgraded and now it is a .com. I am happy to say that my eeveelution crochet plushies are one of the top images on google search, one of a kind and my original pattern. My website is www.kittycrochetplushies.com
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    United States CA
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    I have none.
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    Crocheted Eevee Plushies
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    6 years
  1. Thank you for the welcomes I'm flattered! I do make custome ponies and eevees, but my profession is making Eevees
  2. Hello everyone! My name is Angie. I am new here and would like to make friends and tell people about my hobbie that I am very proud to say i do. Crocheting one of a kind eeveelutions! I find them extremely adorable and people love them They are clean and consistent when made and they are looking for a great home. I hope you all add me and visit my website and fall inlove with them like I did when I made them. They are all approximately 9 by 10 inches and for all ages! If you would like one, visit my ebay and order one to give my eevees a loving home. Or, visit my website and browse around ot
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