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    blankets, hats, scarfs
  1. Hey all thanks for the warm welcome. I find crocheting very relaxing and since I like seeing a project grow it's perfect for me as I can see the progress made.
  2. rynan7

    Mens Hair Tie

    Hi all, I have been searching all over the net and have yet to find a pattern for a hair tie for a man. I don't want to use elastic bands or anything like that. Does anyone have any ideas because I am drawing a blank? Thanks in advance I look forward to your ideas!
  3. Hello from Indiana. I am Rynan and I love to crochet. I am male and am in constant search for patterns for me. I crochet to focus my mind which is very successful. Not to mention my friends and family love the projects I do. It is very satisfying. I look forward to seeing everyone's projects and learning new stitches and tricks from you all. Happy Crocheting!!!
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