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    I am "the preacher's wife", staying at home to care for my three young children (currently aged 4, 3, and 2), and after being taught 2 basic stitches, I taught myself crochet as a means to assist my very hard-working husband in supporting our young family. I work during nap-times in the afternoon, and after the children are asleep in bed while my husband plays video games to unwind after his stressful days.
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    painting, crafting, blogging, pattern designing, sewing
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    Started my crochet business in November of 2011, but started crocheting in 2009

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  1. Nana, didn't get your message. I am not sure how sport weight yarn will translate for the pattern, but I'd definitely be willing for you to give it a try if you are willing to test it out!
  2. Pattern Information Pattern Description: Newborn sized dress done in snowflake motifs, and crochet thread (but don't let that scare you away! The stitching is simple, with sc, hdc, dc, htrc, and maybe a few trc). The dress was originally designed with Disney's Queen Elsa in mind (from the movie Frozen). Pattern Style (written, symbol chart, etc.): Written pattern, with lots of pictures. Pattern Photo (optional): Can be seen on my facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/FamilyBugs/photos/a.165008696925751.38068.149171735176114/619073261519290/?type=1&theater) Skill Level: Not quite
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