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    I am "the preacher's wife", staying at home to care for my three young children (currently aged 4, 3, and 2), and after being taught 2 basic stitches, I taught myself crochet as a means to assist my very hard-working husband in supporting our young family. I work during nap-times in the afternoon, and after the children are asleep in bed while my husband plays video games to unwind after his stressful days.
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    painting, crafting, blogging, pattern designing, sewing
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    Started my crochet business in November of 2011, but started crocheting in 2009
  1. Ooh, welcome to the habit of crochet! I hope that you enjoy the journey to learning, and continue to enjoy it for many more years. I definitely use it as a form of therapy myself! Also, welcome to crochetville :-D
  2. Thanks all for the warm welcomes! I am enjoying this site thus far and definitely looking forward to uncovering all that it has to offer :-D
  3. Nana, didn't get your message. I am not sure how sport weight yarn will translate for the pattern, but I'd definitely be willing for you to give it a try if you are willing to test it out!
  4. Welcome! It is so refreshing to me to see men who can hook a well-done project. Isn't it just the best for relaxing your mind after a long day?
  5. I am a stay at home mother, with my three young children (aged 4, 3, and 2), and I started crocheting about 4 years ago. I started selling my crochet shortly before my third was born as a means of assisting my husband in the support of our young family, and then started designing crochet patterns about a year ago. Do know if you guys have seen that meme: I crochet to keep from killing people, but there are some days when I feel like it is true, haha! The hook keeps me sane most of the time, and I LOVE that I can also earn a bit of an income in the prosess.
  6. Up in the Panhandle, around Amarillo and Northwards from there? Cactus, Dalhart, Dumas...
  7. Pattern Information Pattern Description: Newborn sized dress done in snowflake motifs, and crochet thread (but don't let that scare you away! The stitching is simple, with sc, hdc, dc, htrc, and maybe a few trc). The dress was originally designed with Disney's Queen Elsa in mind (from the movie Frozen). Pattern Style (written, symbol chart, etc.): Written pattern, with lots of pictures. Pattern Photo (optional): Can be seen on my facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/FamilyBugs/photos/a.165008696925751.38068.149171735176114/619073261519290/?type=1&theater) Skill Level: Not quite beginner, but not intermediate either. Uses basic crochet stitches, but with a tiny hook and thread...let's go with easy. Yarn/Material/Tools Required (specify which will supplied by designer and which by tester): I will provide the pattern (of course), and the tester must supply crochet thread size 10 (in two colors, I have done mine in blue and white), crochet hook size 0, satin ribbon is optional, and seed beads are optional. Tester Information Number of Testers Needed: 2 Approximate Time Required to Complete Project: 1 month Deadline: May 10th Tester Experience (do you want testers to have prior experience, submit references, etc.): No previous testing experience is needed. Tester Responsibilities (what exactly do you want testers to do and what information do you want them to supply to you): Double check my counting. Make sure I use the same abbreviations throughout the pattern. Make sure that we are getting the same finished measurements. So that it will fit a newborn, and not a 6-mo-old. All of the steps and instructions make sense and can be followed. Any other opinions about the pattern itself (maybe you have an idea that might work better than what I have written out). Any Special Software Requirements (Microsoft Word, pdf reader, etc.): Able to download and read pdfs. Compensation Please specify what compensation you are offering to pattern testers (none, free copy of final pattern, monetary fee, etc.). Free copy of final pattern, and first opportunity to test any future dresses that I will design.
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