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  1. Another little diaper cover and hat for a co worker. I have done 5 sets of diaper cover/hats lately and need to do 1 more by September. Thanks for looking. Becky
  2. Those are absolutely perfect! I love them! I have tried doing those but have such an awful time.
  3. Here's another diaper cover and hat set I made for another co worker. It's made with a Sashay Ruffle. I love making these cute little sets. I can now do the set in several hours over a weekend. A great shower gift that is only a couple of dollars but looks alot more expensive. Has any one here done these with the Sashay Yarn?
  4. Thanks Ladies. It's amazing the free patterns you can find on Pinterest. This one came from RepeatCrafterMe
  5. My first time posting a picture here. Recently a lot of girls in my work place are having babies. I have been making some little diaper cover and hat sets to give as gifts. I'm not real good yet but I'll get better. (I hope). Thanks for looking. Becky
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