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  1. I just sent my survey in yesteday - I can't wait to start - I haven't been in a swap in a loooooong time!
  2. I have been very remiss in thanking my secret pal publically - Thank you Lori - I had so much fun being your SP - I loved everyone of those post cards you sent and the doilies are truly lovely. If anyone want to see beautiful thread crochet take a look at the 2 doilies Lori sent me on my blog! Thank you again Lori:manyheart Colette
  3. My Secret Pal even has a secret identity! Miss Sterious - how cool is that! She sent me a beautiful ecard yesterday - it made me long for sping - the last few days have been snowy and COLD!! Thanks Miss Sterious:clap
  4. I am so glad you like the yarn! That blue is great yarn and very cozy when worked up and I love the color with jeans. Colette
  5. I am so sorry I am way behind on this:blush I will be mailing out the wool on Monday to my giftee - I hope you enjoy it~
  6. I haven't received my swap buddy yet Rebecca , can you please resend the info. Thanks!
  7. Leah, I am so happy you liked everything - especially the bracelet - I was hoping you would get a kick out of that!
  8. Answer these questions: First thing you ever crocheted? I learned to crochet very young - I can remember making outfits for my Barbie Dolls Strangest place you have crocheted? No really strange places - travelling and at home - Do you consider the bathroom strange? Fave thing to make? Shawls & stoles Do you do charity stuff? If so, what? I have made hats for charity Fave yarn? Alpaca, merino wool, mohair - soft stuff Fave hook? Size? Boye or Bates? - I have a lot of both, but I love my bamboo ones best Hardest thing you ever crocheted? I have never really tried anything too difficult - I would love to make the cover sweater on Hip to Crochet Is there anything about crochet that completely stumps you? Not stumps me, no - I find some things more difficult than others, for example - I prefer charts to written instuctions - I can follow written, but I find it slower and it takes me longer to understand the directions.
  9. I'm a C - think steak knife:devil - My mother used to yell at me - she's an A and always told me I held the hook wrong.
  10. I love that the mail is delivered on Sunday during the holiday season! I went to clean the snow off my car and there was a package for me from England in my hall. My gift from Melanie!!!!!! I can't tell you how lovely eveything she sent is - you will have to see for youself - I posted some pic on my blog. Thank you Mel I love everything:hug !
  11. Eaarth Angel - I just wanted to let you know your package will be mailed out on Friday - I had fun picking out and making things for you - I hope you like everything !
  12. I just saw the pictures of all the wonderful squares that were made - amazing!! Melissa, you really did a fantastic job organizing this swap. I want to thank all of you for chipping in to allow me to remain a part of this:hug you guys are the best!!!! I really appreciate that - more than you could know - thank you all.
  13. I got my partner and am so pleased - I have the perfect yarn in my stach for her gift, no I just have to decide on a pattern and pick out the rest of her fun goodies!
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