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    I am a mom of 4 children, a wonderful hubby.
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    crocheting, knitting, and cooking...oh yes surfing the net!
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    hmmmm...haven't done a variety. Looking forward to doing that
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    since I was about 8 yrs old but took a long break!
  1. :clapThank you to my elves that granted me a roak this season. My MSN has really been driving me crazy the past two weeks and I finally had to remove and add it back! But I am thankfull for the Christmas cards and nice notes that were sent to me, ( CT,AR, WA,) the recipes, the book that I really wanted to read! Thanks so much!!!! I appreciate you all and hope your New Year is filled with wonderful surprises!!!
  2. :clapThank you to my elf in Boonville,NY who surprised me with abook she enjoyed reading A crochet mystery!!! YAY! I have been wanting some of those!!!!:cheer Then I recieved a card and a recipe from a sweet elf in WA! Thank you so much, you guys made my snowy day!!!!
  3. Wow Kidge, your work is awesome! love those stockings! Did they take long to make?
  4. :c9Thank you to my holiday elf for a great sounding recipe that I need to make this week!! It sounds so yummy! Thank you so much!!!!
  5. This is so much fun each year!!!!! I love:manyheart Christmas!!!! Here are my wishes: Red Heart Purple varigate yarn. I love it and cannot find it anymore! Crochet or knitted slippers size 9.5 or something made by you! Your fav recipes Penpal letters /penpal supplies (pens, stationery, stickers, cute envelopes Something purple (my fav color!) A Bamboo hook (any size) Christmas or crochet novels, used is fine A cute Amigarumi Christmas cards from you! Something for my kiddos ( it doesn't have to be for all if you send to one (Flo-9, Bre-12, CJ boy-11, and Nina-15) Thank you so much for reading this and any wish you grant for me or for others, Merry Christmas and may God bless YOU! Recieved yummy mint fudge recipe,recipes from Missouri,and Taco soup recipe from TX. A crochet mystery from NY!
  6. I keep peeping waiting for time to start!
  7. OH my goodness, my partner, Mary P (hockeymomcrochets) sent me an awesome package. I have had it for a bit now but I had a child that was sick one week, and then my camera was low on batteries, now I am ready to upload the pix and I cannot find my cable!!!!! I suspect a teenager... Any way... I recieved a beautiful crochet scarf in orchid. It is the Nneorna Heyhole Scarflette, and I love it! She did and awesome job. I also recieved my very first Crochet lite hook!!!!!!! In purple of course!! A bottle of bubbles in purple, a inital P purple notebook, a purple princess pencil pouch, a kooky klicker purple pen ( I will have to guard that!), some lavender and lilac air fresheners, a magnetic weekly planner, and a purple crown to be queen for the day! lol Oh... and the YARN!!!!!!:yay Yummy purple colors of sugar n cream!!! I have two each of: Jewels, spring swirl, grape raisin, and soft violet ! I love everything she sent and am excited about what I can make with this purple cotton yarn! hee hee!! Thanks again Mary, and keep in touch!!!!:hug I think I got the pix now. (borrowed a cord from my daughters mp3!)
  8. Welcome from KY.! Glad to have you here.
  9. HI there from KY! Welcome.
  10. :cheerWow you ladies did excellent work! I love it! Something I have not tackled yet, you all may have given me some incentive to learn! lol:lol
  11. Thank you to my fg moms. I recieved a nice season's greetings in my box, and I recived some wonderful pattern books in the mail too. I hope everyone will have a very blessed and happy New Year!!
  12. Thank you to the Ashland, PA elf and theChesapeake, Va elf for the great Christmas cards!!!!!!
  13. :clapOooo thank you fairy GM for my choc chip cookiee recipe!!! I love recipes
  14. :clapThank you fairy god moms for the two recipes I found today! Thanks so much!
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