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    36 year old married female with no children. I've been interested in crocheting and cross stitch for a little over 11 years, now. Haven't finished a project but hopefully that will change!
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    Southern Maryland, USA
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    Crochet, cross stitch, writing
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  1. That's exactly what I thought! Thanks, everyone! Okay... I get it, now. The instructions meant that for the remainder of the pattern, repeat the instructions for Rnd 4. What was confusing me was how many rounds of CC did I need to do the initial time before switching to CA
  2. *grumbles* I have no idea what happened... went in to edit and now it works! Gah; I'm so computer inclined...... Anyway; try it now... Huh... and it IS that same pattern, magiccrochetfan
  3. Sorry, guys! I wasn't sure if I needed to include the actual pattern LOL! http://www.allfreecrochetafghanpatterns.com/Lapghan-Patterns/Crocheted-Granny-Lapghan. From the picture, it looks as though Rnd 4 is done a total of three times (the Windsor Blue starts in Rnd 3). However, after counting, according to that, the total number of rounds (36) isn't right: the picture shows a 34 round lapghan... unless I'm counting wrong...
  4. I'm making my first lapghan and everything was going smoothly until I ran across this instruction: "Rep Rnd 4 for pat and work 2 more rnds with CC" Am I supposed to repeat Rnd 4 a total of three times after the initial Rnd 4 or is this telling me that the pattern in Rnd 4 will be repeated twice...? Thank you to anyone who can help me out on this!
  5. Thanks, everyone! I meant to tell everyone that I'm in Southern Maryland but was born and raised in Memphis, TN! I see a lot of southerners here ^_^
  6. Hi, everyone! My name's J Linz and I am technically new to crocheting. I was introduced to the art around 11 years ago; I worked as a customer service rep for a call center and saw quite a few ladies working on their projects and became curious about it. While on my profile it states that afghans are my favorite crocheting projects, I have yet to finish anything: to actually finish one is my ultimate goal. I ran across this site because I desperately needed help with a current free pattern that I found on Red Heart; I have a feeling that I will become a regular in the Crochet General Help thread! Please be patient with me; I am determined to become a pro at this!
  7. I know that this is an old thread however I found this topic while looking up help for the exact same project! I wanted to clarify what the instructions stated for Row 3. Is it saying to do FPdtr in the next 3 dcs, go back and do the 3 FPdtr stitches in the skipped dcs (which will be a total of 6), skip 6 sts and then do 7 dcs...? I'm sorry but I am fairly new to instructions like these!
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