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  1. Another great idea that's throwaway and can be made into almost any size! Thanks guys for so many off the wall ideas!!!
  2. I never thought of using my bed! Thanks!!!
  3. Will try this tonight, thanks for the suggestion!
  4. I am helping my teenage sister in law yarn bomb her wheel chair for her upcoming surgery, since she is a beginner at crochet and I am experienced so I told her I would d all of the large intricate pieces. In light of this I made a large granny square for covering the back rest but it is off kilter now since I make a 4 yarn spiral and do not want to redo since it is a very complicated square. So at this point I need help blocking such a large square. How do I go about blocking a 20in granny square, I tried steaming and stretching it but since I have no where to pin it (it's so darn big!
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