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  1. Does anyone knows where a good place to look for patterns for the bathroom that has toilet seat and tank covers? Thank you
  2. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome
  3. I thought I would share the ear warmer/neck warmer. next week. I crocheted with two strands of Red Heart yarn and a N crochet hook. I usually used as an ear warmer.
  4. I have a pattern for baby boots that I found at http://www.free-crochet.com/detail.html?code=FC00597 I have difficulty in understand when it saids to fold in half matching row 1 and 11.
  5. Hello everyone, my name is Zulma. I'm from Connecticut, my first language is Spanish. I'm learning how to crochet in a small group in town. I love do to hair accessories and I learning to do some babies stuff for my younger sister and myself.
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