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  1. Understood, Kim, and thanks. Hadn't thought of that, or would not have asked.
  2. Thank you, Kim. I will look for your designs with minimum sewing. Don't really care which direction a garment is worked in, just prefer to not have to do much seaming. If you have any publications that you would recommend for this type of pattern, please mention them. And thanks for the tip on hiding threads. About how long of a tail do you leave to be woven in? I don't want to make a mistake and have it come out too easy.
  3. I would like some information on how to hide the threads, and tips? Also, I would love to find more crochet-from-the-top-down patterns. Love not having to sew! Any hints where to look? Thanks for any answers!
  4. I am coming along fine with the project. I am new to crocheting with thread, so I wonder if anyone can tell me whether or not it is advisable to use acrylic thread? I am using the thread recommended for this project, but I saw a color I just love for sale in the acrylic. Would not like to get a negative surprise though, so thought I'd ask the group. Thanks for any answer!
  5. I hope I am not duplicating a previous post, but once we have the chest measurement, do we use the pattern for that exact measurement, or do we add inches so the top will go on over other garments? Thanks for any help.
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