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  1. Hi everyone! This is probably a really silly question but im still quite a novice at this. So I have made a lacy flower square and I want to now crochet it into a big granny square, So I went round the lacyflower with a row of double crochet stitches (US terms) and now I cant figure out how to start turning it into a granny square pattern.... I hope that makes sense? Thanks!
  2. Yay! i finished the head! Hes going to be cute when finished. Im now stuck on the body. It says Ch 11 +1 for turning, which I have done. But I was expecting the body to be far wider? The piece im making now is about 2 inches long maybe slightly more.. surely Im doing something wrong? Its the first piece after the head in the pattern and I just expected it to be wider that it seems to be. Any suggestions? x
  3. Thank you! the pattern I have is the printed one that came in the set, it seems to be worded differently, but what you say makes sense! Thanks again! x
  4. Ok, its going well, but i've hit another snag... Same pattern but at the end of the head section it says " 4th round: dec sts between every 1st and 2nd sts through out. 21 sts" I understand i'm decreasing the number of stitches but its the bold part that confuses me. Does it mean I do SC then decrease then SC then decrease and so on...? x
  5. Thank you so much! I hadn't realised it was done as a flat piece, heres me trying to make it in rounds. That makes so much more sense! Its so cute, I hope it turns out ok! though im sure I will be back for more advice! x
  6. Hi! Im new to this forum so I hope this is in the right place! I've been Crocheting for just over a year now and love love love it! However, I've met my match with this pattern Its a set I was given as a gift and this is the pattern, http://www.craftsinstitute.com/knitting/projects/kids/toys/dachshund-ted.aspx Im a little stuck with the instructions, on the second row, I understand that I need to add a extra SC at each end however, im not sure where im starting this second row? Am I going in a round, so into the other side of the CH 5 I started on? Sorry! I'm dyslexic so struggle with patterns a lot! All advice much appreciated! Kiyoko x
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