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    Reading, writing, crocheting, gardening, karate, music, family, travel, learning
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    stuffed animals, scarves, anything fun or pretty and not too difficult
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  1. Oops. Thanks for the warning! I didn't know that. I've edited the post.
  2. I am not associated with the person who made this art in any way--I just stumbled across it today while researching something else. I thought it was such a beautiful use of crochet and thread that I had to share. Forgive me if this person is a regular poster here and has already shared her work--it's been a while since I've been here. Enjoy! Her blog: http://resurrectionfern.typepad.com/resurrection_fern/2009/01/inspiration-week-day-9-geninne-zlatkis.html
  3. I like most everything people have said, especially Teakaycee. Lovely description! I would add a yarn ball winder so people who buy yarn in hanks can wind it easily. Also, a mirror, so they can hold yarn up to themselves and see if the color is good. A LYS in my city, so I've heard, has a "knitting garden" out back with chairs and lovely foliage, to enjoy nature while you craft. It also has a felting closet with washer and dryer, free to felt your items at any time! THAT is awesome.
  4. $49, that's not so bad! Tell your husband that it could've been worse--I went to Michaels on Monday (well, the whole neighborhood had a blackout while I was in the store, we were ushered out, and told to come back later...so I ended up going back Tuesday morning) and bought nearly $80 worth of that clearance yarn! I got a sweaters' worth (7 skeins) each of yellow, red, blue, and light purple. (Sorry, I don't have it in front of me to give the exact color names). I also stocked up on tons of white because I really hate the grey-looking white of Simply Soft these days, plus tons of skeins of the other colors. I felt SO bad, but at the same time, so good that I got such good deals! I haven't told my husband yet... He wants to buy himself a $1200 laptop so I figure, what's $70-some-odd?
  5. Kiirs

    Hat with runes

    It's cool! I'd like to try to guess what you "wrote," but some of the runes are dark. Do you have any more pics with more light?
  6. I'm on Ravelry, Craftster, Knitting Help.
  7. Love it! Gorgeous colors, great style.
  8. Ooooh yes, Crochet Garden is the best!! Lisa is so awesome, too, with her customer service, helping explain patterns and such if you don't understand. I absolutely love to death her Rugged Mountain collection. I gave my mom a set of hat, mittens, and scarf for Christmas last year and she told me every week how much she loved and adored them.
  9. Welcome!! This is a great place to hang out!
  10. Ooh, I love SWS...my very favorite yarn. I knitted the "Booga Bag" with it and am going to felt it today. It's just the loveliest yarn.
  11. It's not a Catherine wheel, is it? Do you have access to a library? Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Crochet has hundreds of stitch patterns, and there are others like The Crochet Stitch Bible that also might help. Good luck!
  12. She has the most awesome patterns! I just love her stuff. Her Villager name here is Wibit. You might want to do a search for her and PM her, in case she doesn't see your post.
  13. If it is the acrylic yarn, I've seen people hear say that you should wash the skeins before using them. If you put them in a nylon and tie the end off, it won't mess them up and they'll get clean. Good luck!
  14. It looks awesome! Thanks so much for the pattern.
  15. My husband and I are huge Trekkies, too. Great job! It's awesome that Star Trek's use of these characters coined the term "red shirts" that all other TV shows/movies use now.
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