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  1. You usually work pic-blankies with a graph that tells you where when you need to switch colors. Its a little tricky at first, so look up a pattern that isnt so intricate and practice with that; like a sqaure with a simple two color design. you dont always have to cut the end of your yarn when doing rows, you just pick it up where you left it. but not always. That is a cute blanky, it would be worth the effort. most of the outlining (around the eyes and detail) is done by embroidery. easy-peasy stuff there.
  2. You're one of us now....(creepy music playing in the background)
  3. mine is a hook my friend Tamra gave me for valentines day when we were in high school. It reminds me about before she got into a bad relationship that has pretty much ruined her as a person, when she could have fun without being made to feel like it was bad to not act like a forty year old housewife.
  4. heh. yarn crafts are an invasive art. Everyone around me has learned to look out for crochet and knitting supplies after my brother went to sit on the couch one day and got poked in the butt by a steel cable needle.
  5. Look for the book "doggy divas and dandies", they have a chair in there. I think you can buy it online at anniesattic.com
  6. Not so much an alternative crochet post, more of a "hey havent been around in a while" post. Its been busy for me. Working full time again, which slows the whole crochet thing down. Not to mention I have been...eh-hem...knitting lately. Yeah I know I am a trader. but I will be trying to make it back on here more often. Missed you guys Tahna
  7. I didnt even read the post before I saw the pic and the first thing i thought was a scorpion, so good job!!
  8. Very cute. made one like it for my mom a while ago
  9. Oh my gosh thats great. I love earthy colors!! I have tried making scrap afgahns in the past and like you said it never works out. I always wind up starting a project with scraps and then buying more yarn to finish it. what a hobby!! heh-heh. Great 'gahn and great "rice rolls" as you call them(I have never heard of them being called that before). Giving stuff to good will is awesome cause those who cant usually afford things like this get to enjoy them!
  10. Wear a bandana, tis what I do, and it works pretty well.
  11. Okay the dress is cute but Laura is what makes it even cuter!! nice job on the dress.
  12. I have a blanket similar to that one that my great aunt made years ago. Its a pretty pattern
  13. AWWW!!! I am not really fond of X-mas but I am a deer hunter (yeah). I think that would make a cute review mirror thingy...
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