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    I have a wonderful husband, a beautiful daughter, and 4 (!) kitties.
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    South Carolina
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    Crochet (of course), some knitting,playing with my daughter, reading, and relaxing in general.
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    Massage Therapist
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    Afghans, Bags, Scarfs, and anything for baby.
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    April 2005
  1. Awesome! I wanna make some for my cousin who is a photographer. Can you tell me where you found your patterns? Thanks in advance!
  2. Ooh! So pretty! I can't wait to make one, thank you
  3. I know where you are! I love Jocassee and keowee, so pretty! I live in Greer, right off hwy 14 and I have a 16 month old lil girl, Emily. Welcome to the ville!
  4. Thanks everybody! I've missed you guys!
  5. I've been on a six month break from crocheting and the 'ville since my daughter was born. It's been a whirlwind! I'm hoping to get back to the action now that things are calming down a bit. Just wanted to say hello and re-introduce myself!
  6. I've seen this on tv! You don't wanna mess with her, she keeps her gun on top of her bible! lol
  7. I'm not sure which method is which, but the top looks "straighter" (for lack of a better word) to me. The pattern of squares in the bottom sample looks off somehow...
  8. Maybe a connector for interchangeable circular needles? Sounds interesting.....
  9. There's an adorable pattern in the Nov 07 issue of Crochet Today, if you have a copy or can find one. Here's a link. http://www.crochettoday.com/articlepage.aspx?articleid=184 Good luck with your search!
  10. I think it turned out beautifully! Lucy really seems to love it.
  11. Adorable! You hit on a darling theme there, love the burp cloths too!
  12. It's really cool to come across a piece of history like that! Cool finding hooks too!
  13. Well there's something you don't see everyday! Thanks for sharing with us!
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