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  1. That's great - very cute scarf -- Michelle
  2. It grows in width with the increases you do in the plain rows at the top, you can adjust the length by repeating the shell rows. The pattern just calls for one hook size (a 5.50mm if I remember correctly, but I used a 6.00mm for the red one and a larger one again for the white and pink one) and you can find the pattern in "Stitch 'n Bitch: The Happy Hooker" (I'm not sure if the designer has the pattern available online). -- Michelle
  3. Thanks for the comments Beads are very easy to add to crochet - provided you string enough on the yarn before you start (I miscalculated twice and had to cut the yarn to add more beads). There's a lot of info available online as to how to do it but really, if you can do the stitch without beads, you can do it with beads - just push the bead close to the hook before you do the stitch and that's all there is to it. -- Michelle
  4. Thanks for the comments I never thought blocking was important (I often use acrylic anyway) but it does make a difference, particularly with a 'tall' stitch - the red one was washed and blocked so the pattern is nicely defined and it sits flat, whereas the pink and white one hasn't been and it just doesn't look as good to me. Still, it's nice and snuggly which is what I intended -- Michelle
  5. An Aussie double-treble is equivalent to an American treble I believe. Just in case I have the stitches wrong, what I used was one 'shorter' than what I should've used. The beads were added on the non-shell rows with each single-crochet. -- Michelle
  6. I have made two of these recently, the first one was for my Pal in SP11 and the second is a Christmas gift for an elderly friend of mine. I used about five balls of Karaoke and a 5.50mm hook (and a scrap of stash yarn crocheted in a chain for the 'ribbon'). A 6.00mm hook and a few odds and ends of some stash yarn (Moda Vera "Wisp") which has little sparkles in it and is lovely and soft. I have a pink ribbon to use around the neckline for this one. Both very quick projects but I think the pattern really needs to be blocked, so I won't be making any more out of acrylic-y yarns. -- Michelle
  7. I used Reynolds "Saucy" cotton (a little over two skeins, including the fringe) and a 6.00mm hook. It was my first attempt at adding beads to crochet and I think they give the shawl a really nice weight (plus, very satisfying little 'clinks' when the shawl moves). I made a mistake with the pattern, instead of doing US double-trebles, I did Aussie double-trebles and it annoyed me when I realised (with four shells to go) but I'm over my hissy-fit now - two months later. It doesn't look so good on my bed and I will try to get a better photo of it before I give it away for Christmas. There are a few related entries on my blog (along with other things), here. -- Michelle
  8. Beautiful shawl and gorgeous colour -- Michelle
  9. Very nice and very useful -- Michelle
  10. That scarf pattern is beautiful, and all three scarves you made are lovely. I like the pink ones -- Michelle
  11. That's a very cute hat, it looks like it fits you well and the colour is very nice -- Michelle
  12. Great colours, very nice blanket -- Michelle
  13. Just a little update, which I am very happy about - I received a lovely thank-you card from the parents-to-be - the first time I've ever been really thanked for a baby gift I've made! -- Michelle
  14. I like his expression, he looks quizzical and it's very cute Congratulations! You're due on my birthday -- Michelle
  15. The blanket turned out beautifully - the border and ribbon suit it well -- Michelle
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