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    Been designing crochet projects for years, but just started writing them down. I designed and made costumes for a dance company for 15 years. I love to crochet and some of the personal items I have designed are: an afghan with the Steeler logo(all family members wanted this, so I ended up making 4!), christening dresses that got compliments from the priest!, hats that were sent off to France! My latest endeavor is crocheted jewelry.
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    Sunny Arizona
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    Crocheting, genealogy, reading
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    Right now- jewelry
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    Since I was 12
  1. http://www.ravelry.com/designers/patricia-marie
  2. HELP! I MUST delete a pattern; cannot figure out how?
  3. Special For National Crochet Month Purchase my newest pattern and choose another one FREE! http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/victorian-hat-pincushion/edit
  4. I have been crocheting and designing my own patterns since I was a young girl and just about a month ago, I wrote out my first pattern. It's called a Bevy of Beads Bracelet and I just posted it on this site. It's a gorgeous bracelet and gets tons of compliments. The pattern has been tested. I do have a question, however. When I submitted the pattern for posting, I didn't see anywhere to link it to PayPal?? Did I miss this step? Or is it done automatically? Thanks for the feedback.
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