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    hair accessories, bracelets, kids hats
  1. Hi everyone! I wish I could just go outside, sit under a cocoa nut tree and crochet in the sun. Can't wait for summer.
  2. Does all correspondence with a mentor have to be discussed on the forum or can we exchange emails and communicate offline? I want to protect the ideas that I have and not broadcast it before I have a chance to fully develop it. I need help with: Finalizing a name, products to include, creating multiple etsy sites for different products, etc. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thank you all for your warm welcome. It's 32 degrees here right now and everyone has snow in North Houston, but we're not that lucky in our area. I just don't know how people in NJ, NY and other states deal with all that snow. Please send us some! Ok back to crocheting. I want to start some kind of group, party type gathering where local crocheters can get together. There a few yarn stores around that have classes but I just want to start my own group. I would love to have it at my house, would be the ideal place, but with 4 kids running around, it's just a bit small. If I could find someone willing to let us use their space that would be nice but, I don't know anyone. Any suggestions?
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