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Ashley Lynn

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  • Birthday January 17

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    kiowa, co
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    crocheting,animals, and photography
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    stay at home mom
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    stuff for my daugter
  • Crocheting since...
    since I was 12
  1. i am not confident enough to graph my own patterns I am now working on a bonnet sue square
  2. i still need to finish tucking in threads lol
  3. this was my first graphghan I think i did a good job
  4. Thank you for all the welcomes
  5. I like to chalange myself this is the most recent thing that I made.
  6. I also forgot to put I'm from colorado.
  7. Hello my name is ashley I am 20 with a 15 month old daughter she is the love of my life when I got pregnant with her I decided to crochet a hat for her and that's how it all started. I crochet about anything now. I don't make my own patterns I just fallow patterns. I attached a photo of my daughter and two things I have recently made.
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