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    Married, two young sons.
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    1st learned 1989, really started working on it in 2001
  1. I am looking for something super simple but still cute that I can make for my kids so they can give it out at Halloween to their classmates. I have checked some on Ravelry and Crochet Pattern Central (under Halloween) and I don't see anything that isn't too big, has too many colors, or has too many ends to weave in. I need something real quick to make enough in time. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  2. astridz55

    My Eagle

    Kim that Eagle is great. Can you let me know where you bought the pattern. I am looking to make some eagles for my son's teacher since their school mascot is the eagle. Thanks.
  3. I have a friend who is a teacher and is teaching her 7th graders how to knit. Both boys and girls. They are making hats and things for the troops over seas and Peggy said that she can always use size 8 needles and worsted weight yarn. Let me know if you have any extras that you could send to her.
  4. I received a couple of nice squares from a FGM in Ontario, Canada. Thanks so much!
  5. I saw something on ebay of a Hannah Montana crocheted hat. Has anyone ever seen anything free that is Hannah Montana related? I know next to nothing of that except that my neighbor, who is 8, loves Hannah Montana. Her birthday is coming up and I would love to make her something. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. My stash spreadsheet was wrong. I didn't have it after all. I must have already used it for a baby afghan and forgot to mark it as used. Sorry about that. Hope that you can find it though.
  7. Thank you to the elf who sent the nice PM. It always cheers me up to see something other than spam in my inbox. I also would like to thank the elf in Stafford, Va for the green square and the elf in MI for the square. They are both really nice. Thanks again!
  8. I also got an e-card and I got a paper card from CT in the mail today also! Thank you ladies.
  9. Okay, I like this magazine. I am even thinking about getting a subscription to it but I do have 1 tiny problem. It only comes out once every two months. I say that this is a problem because I will buy a copy when it first comes out then forget that I got it and buy another copy. That is exactly what I did last week. I took it back to see if by chance I could return it and a new copy was already out. Fiddlesticks. Oh well. I was wondering if anyone out there would be interested in an easy trade for it. It is the November/December copy of Crochet Today. It is even sealed and has a copy of a Coats and Clark catalogue with it. If you happen to have an extra copy or one you no longer want of some crochet or knit magazine, let me know. We can each pay for our own shipping.
  10. First I got a card from Ashville, PA. Then I got a square for my Cville afghan from the same elf! Thank you. Also the same day, I got a card from an elf in Schaumburg, IL. And she sent me the coolest thread book mark. Thank you both so much!
  11. Hi, my name is Kelly and I am a slacker. I got a very nice Christmas card from an elf. Unfortunately, the tall tot moved it from my 'safe spot' so I can't remember exactly where my elf is from. And I have gotten several recipes from several different elves. I can't wait to try some of them. One of them just might be our Santa cookies this year. Thanks again.
  12. I have a knitting friend who started working on a Norweigan sweater last year and she has run out of chocolate brown HEILO 3481 yarn. She just needs enough to knit the collar. None of the stores around here have it and it seems to have been discontinued. I am going to be calling some other places tomorrow to see if they have it there on the East Coast (where mom in law can get it) but I thought that I would check here too. She has her sweater all together but she will have to unsew the arms and take out some to replace the yarn if she can't find it. If anyone has any please let me know and I am sure we can work out something for payment and shipping. Thanks!
  13. I love the Holiday Wish List. I can't wait to start sending out some things. Here are my wishes. 1. 6 or 12 inch squares for a C'Ville afghan. My favorite colors are blues and greens. I do like purple and burgundy also. 2. Oval Moose sticker. You all have seen the stickers that are white with black letters or for my example, a black moose. 3. Monololy Express. I love Monolopy games, I have about 7 or 8 in my closet here and more stored at my parents house. 4. Sock yarn. Even small amounts would be good for socks for my 18 month old and my almost 4 year old. 5. Double pointed Knitting needles for socks. I have size 1's. 6. Any unusual yarn, like bamboo, corn, or even alpaca. I know that these aren't really cheap but I would love to try out something small at least. Even a small amount, like enough to make a flower or something like that. 7. Anything for my boys. The elder will be 4 years old on Christmas Day and the younger will be 18 months just 2 weeks before. The 'little' one wears 24 months or 2T and the 'bigger' one wears 4-5T and size 12 shoes! The older loves anything construction, Duplos (the big Legos) and Thomas the Train (wooden railway.) The younger one likes anything of his brother's and anything he isn't supposed to have, specifically things from the fridge. 8. Christmas cards. I love getting mail that isn't bills. Got two cards. Thanks! 9. Anything would be a nice surprise. Got several recipes. Can't wait to try them. 10. Any ideas on a way to raise some money to help out with bills. I need to buy a new car and also to help my Mom and Dad in law to come and visit for the holidays. Yeah, I'm probably unusual, I WANT my in-laws to visit.
  14. I am not 100% sure if I can post this but since I know that many people are multi-crafted (kind of like multi-talented) so I thought that I would try. I have the following that I would like to get rid of. I am also going to see about going through my yarn and posting some of that also. 9 yards of a pretty 1 inch lace, 5 yards of white tulle (or what ever a wedding veil would be made from.) I also have a completed latch hook kit that is a pillow size. It is of a yellow fish on a blue background. It hasn't been 'finished' into a pillow or anything yet. Let me know if you are interested in a trade or anything.
  15. Hi all, I am trying to come up with something that would be nice for a very close family friend, GiGi, for Christmas. She is 90 years old, has had a stroke and was recently diagnosied with Alzheimer's. Unfortunately, she is on the other side of the country from me now so I can't really ask. I would love to get some ideas. I know she likes flowers, animals and opera. I also know that there isn't really anything that she needs. She lives with my parents and they make sure that she has everything that is necessary. I was thinking about giving my mom some money and just having her buy some flowers any time she saw some at the store. But since I crochet a lot I would like to do something for her if I can think of an idea. I usually look at all the patterns at Crochet Pattern Central (one of my favorite sites) but I just am not sure where to even start. Any ideas would be great. Thanks.
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