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    I like to watch tv, movies, hang out with my kids, and of course, crochet
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    Stay at home mom
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    Everything. I like to challenge myself. i like to make things that look unique.
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    December 2012
  1. Every time I make my "4x4" gauge swatch, it ends up being 3.5" tall and 4.5" wide. I'm curious what could be causing the swatch to not be square. I would think that it would be 4.5" square if it is too big and 3.5 square if it is too small.
  2. Would you recommend doing granny square with a size 8 steel or just doing the regular sc and have roughly 1 or 2 stitches count for each square?
  3. I have a concept for an Ipad cover, but I can't figure out a method to make it come to life. Attached is a picture of what I want the design to be. The problem is that I can't figure out how to get it the right dimentions. I estimate the dimentions of the cover to be about 10" x 7.5". I tested a 1 round dc granny square with a size 8 steel hook in a size 3 thread and the square was about 1" accross. The larger image is 16 square. I thought about doing a double crochet cover where each stitch is a block, but A: I don't know if the image would be lost and B: there are a lot of color changes. I worry that doing it that route would be difficult. Does anyone have other ideas about how I can bring this concept to life? I appreciate any and all imput.
  4. I have been asked to make an arm doily that is about 18 long and 16 wide. I've attached a pic the one that is currently on the back of the chair. I was wondering if you guys know of a pattern that would pair well with the current one.
  5. I just made this sandal (gotta make the other still). How do I go about blocking the sandals?
  6. Misty Lucas Cma


    I will be attending a women's conference in April and I would like to crochet a small bracelet with the word "Original" on it. However, I'm unsure of the best technique to use to crochet it. I was thinking of trying Tunisian, but over never done it and I would like to use 2 colors. What technique would you recommend I use? I'm thinking I wouldn't want it more than an inch tall.
  7. So for row 3 to 6.5" would I alternate inc then regular row then another inc?
  8. I'm making the "baby girl sweater" from Red Heart. Pattern LW2251. The third row of the sleeve is an inc row and says "ch2, 2 hdc in first st, HDCin each hdc to last st, 2 hdc in last st, turn." It goes on to say "continue to inc 1 st each side every 2 rows 4 more times. Work evenly until piece measures 6.5 inch from beginning. To me this says to inc a bit the. Inc no more and continue until it measures 6.5". But the pic shows it to inc until the end.
  9. I am super proud of this. First big filet project. I'm gonna put it in a frame. Not sure if I should put a bottom edging on it or not.
  10. It will probably be about 3 feet long just for the letters. I'm still deciding if I'm going to do anything special at the top of it or not.
  11. It looks great. Once you ar finished and sew it together, you won't be able to tell the ends look different. When stitching it together, I recommend holding the piece so it is end to end as opposed to having them stacked on one another. It'll give a more seamless look.
  12. Misty Lucas Cma


    I'm doing a pattern that calls for this stitch. It is the lily and cream cupcake dishcloth pattern. It says "Ch1, 1 sc in first 2 sts. FPhtr around next at 3 rows below". This is the 4th row in this section of the project. I know how to do a FP, but the "htr" is throwing me off. Is it supposed to be kind of like a spike stitch?
  13. Here is a filet wall hanging I'm working on for my bro.
  14. Hello fellow hookers! I live in Rockford, like some of you. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in starting a casual meet up crochet group. I looked at the CGOA, but teh only groups are in toward Chicago and I don't have the money to spend on gas. I would really love to meet other crocheters and get opinions, advice, as well as brainstorm ideas.
  15. I'm working on another filet type project for my bro. I'm making it with 2 colors and carrying the contrast through b/c there are a lot of changes. I'm having a problem with my carry through showing through the MC. Is there a way to stop that happening?
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