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  1. Done .............except for sewing in the ends! Made a Lg if I had made it according to measurements I should have made an XLg. It fits perfectly ..............
  2. I'm so glad you mentioned this. I never look at the receipts other than to check the details of the order. I don't know if it was ever mentioned before but it's important. They should actually state that on the page for the kit. THANKS!
  3. I just placed my order today. Email response from Mona @ Creative stated that it would include the revised corrected version of the pattern. I'm happy!
  4. Thank you to all for your kind words. I wore it over a simple black dress and it was lovely. You can find me on Ravelry: lnb804 if you're interested in the project.
  5. You could try, I guess. I had emailed twice about the Amy Cardigan CAL, needed some clarification and NEVER received a reply aside from the obligatory "trouble ticket #". Let me know, I would like to buy the kit with the revised/corrected pattern.
  6. Thanks for the input. I'm on a budget now and can only do one. Wanted to order and make sure I have enough and not have to pay for shipping again. I think one kit will do it. I had hoped that the revised pattern would have been released by now.
  7. What size did you make and did you use all the yarn in the kit? I may need to make it a little larger than 44" and wondering if I needed to order an extra skein of yarn.
  8. Great job! Did they release the revised pattern yet?
  9. Darlene, you have several pics posted of the turquoise but they all look different which one comes the closest? Even on different yarn site color charts they're not the same.
  10. Made as a trapezoid with Vanna's Glamour in moonstone. Killed the acrylic to get the openness and drape. It is not a free pattern.
  11. Thanks, Amy That's great news. I'll be away until May 9th so I'll order my kit when I get back.
  12. No unfortunately, I only have the home basic free version. I'll give it a try though .... thanks for the suggestion.
  13. Nora ............. if you got a corrected copy please post. Then I'll order the kit. I'll try to contact Amy again about a revised pattern. She must be busy I haven't gotten a reply.
  14. I printed out the pattern and will try to match it to the diagram. This will help me in the "learning" process of reading a picture/diagram pattern .......... very much appreciated. I finally figure out how to copy from the PDF and used Google translator ............. yes, it's quite amusing. It still needs work and I've yet to put all this into a tote bag.
  15. Thanks, I will try to absorb this tomorrow ....... when I don't have lots of other stuff going on.
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