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  1. This is GORGEOUS. I aspire to create beautiful items like this. Great job!
  2. I am a crochet newbie and the other projects I have been proud of so far is my baby beanies! I found that I loooove Bernat yarn
  3. Okay, I am a newbie to this community as well as crochet itself. I just recently (3 months or so) started actually creating items. Here's my problem... Whenever I make a beanie/hat I follow every instruction but my hats always end up looking HUGE but they still fit. I just want them to look normal. I have problems with increasing the "circle" and every chart that I have found about how big the circle should be before stopping increase always ends up looking too big (and sometimes the hat turns out 'boxy'). Does anyone have a correcting sizing method for the diameter circle for sizes newborn up to male adult? And any other tips for beanies would be amazing! Thanks!
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