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  1. Hello all. I am making a chevron blanket for my baby girl. I am 4 rows in and the rows seem to be losing stitches. I've had it happen before with much smaller projects and I just frog it and start over. I do not want to that with this if I can help it. LOL I'm confused on why it's happening though bc I've counted the stitches and best I can tell each row is right. It's 214 stitches though so I may have missed it. lol This is the pattern. http://stringwithstyle.blogspot.com/2013/06/chevron-love-chevron-afghan.html Is there anyway to save this or am I destined to have to tear it out and start over?
  2. Yes maam I started crocheting when I was 14. I absolutely love it. It's pretty much my only past time LOL Albeit an expensive one hahaha I love to work with hand dyed wool when the budget allows it. I made my son several pairs of wool crochet pants when he was baby to wear over his cloth diapers.
  3. I'll look up the Susan Bates hooks. Seems to be popular lol I like the Boye hooks but lately if I crochet a lot my palm starts to hurt/cramp so I'm wondering if a different hook would work better. I have to take a few days off before it stops hurting
  4. I have always used Boye hooks from Walmart. But I want to get a pretty fun new set. What are some other good hooks? What kind do you use the most?
  5. Hello! My name is Kelly and I live in North Carolina. I have a 6yo little boy and a little girl who will be 1 next week (omg that doesn't even seem real LOL) I have been crocheting for about 14 years. I tried to learn to knit but I came right back to crocheting. It's very relaxing for me, though I don't get as much time as I would like right now due to an active little girl who likes to play with my yarn. LOL I look forward to getting to know everyone better and talk "shop".
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