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  1. ISO: Red Heart baby sport pompadour Sea Breeze (blues, teal, white, yellow vari) yarn. This yarn was discontinued about 20 years ago (was in my Gram's stash which I inherited 20 yrs ago). Will buy & pay shipping. 6 rows to go & I ran out
  2. ISO Red Heart Preference Candy Yarn. This is an old yarn & was discontinued long ago.(was in my Gram's stash ) I love the color & am looking for any I can find. I made a baby mermaid cocoon with it, came out awesome! Thanks!
  3. Thanks Redrosesdz! Wasn't sure if 1 or 2 pillows is the normal
  4. I made an afghan in an open ripple style & 1 pillow in a closed style ripple with same colors but different color sequence. I'm going to make another pillow in same colors but was wondering if I should do second pillow in same pattern as other pillow or could I use a different pattern than the others? I see many crochet afghans sets with only 1 pillow, is this the norm? or would 2 be better? Seeking opinions
  5. Assorted yarn lots for sale. Smoke free home. Pm me for shipping to your zip code. Vintage Lane Borgosesia 100% Virgin Wool Bulky Yarn 100 Gram Dial 1850 Knitusa $5 Vintage Virgin wool yarn 4 oz deep yellow Fleisher's $5 Nylon SPORT YARN Beige Brown Blue 12 Oz Assorted VINTAGE $10 Wool Yarn Vintage Lot Assorted Colors Maroon Gold Green Dark Pink $10 Festival Mixed Fiber Yarn Varigated Black White Red Purple Grey 9 Skeins $20
  6. Thanks everyone! I love making AG doll clothes! I think I'm having more fun making them then she will playing with them! lol
  7. I noticed you do not have any chains in the end / beginning of most rows. Rows 5, 6, & 7 just for an example. Shouldn't there be some chains to get the height for the next row? Thanks for the patterns!
  8. Made these for my granddaughter Patterns from Darski & ABC knitting
  9. Here's a tutorial on wiggle crochet which it is very similar too. Maybe you can adapt it & create your own pattern.
  10. I have way too much yarn to go buy any for it. Trying to destash, save money, & give nice gift (all at the same time lol) Magiccrochetfan, what's a lovey? Thanks all for your suggestions.
  11. I just did the babbles one, seems too thick & heavy to me for a baby.
  12. Looking for opinions on using double strand medium weight yarn & N hook for a baby blanket. Do you think it would be too heavy, would a larger hook be better? I need 1 in a hurry & was thinking it would go faster Thanks for any suggestions!
  13. Thanks,but not any of them, I have some skeins of them all & did check Red Heart website & searched the internet for 5 days now, lol. It's hard to tell colors on computer. I've been to all yarn stores (& thrift stores) in my area (Hobby Lobby, Walmart) & none of the reds come close. Really red is a possibility. Was there ever a Christmas red? Somehow that sounds familar. lol.
  14. Looking for Red Heart Super Saver red yarn. I threw away the wrappers thinking I had enough to finish the blanket...well, I was wrong! I don't even know the color name, it's a semi deep red & it was super saver. There is no way to capture the true color to post a picture. None of the reds in my stash ( huge bin of just red yarn) match anywhere near close It was bought a thrift store a few years back. If someone could tell me some names of the reds, might help. It's a little lighter in color than cherry red. Thanks for any help!
  15. Found `1 here. http://www.ebay.com/itm/6-Crochet-Pattern-Magazines-Lot-19-/351117051749?pt=US_Crocheting_Knitting_Patterns&hash=item51c0350765
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