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  1. I am reading ahead and do not understand how to construct the front panels. Are they crocheted separately and attached or do I work from the back panel?
  2. I am reading ahead and do not understand how to construct the front panels. Do work the panels separately and sew to the back panel? Help!
  3. I just got started today and love it!! I'm on the 17th row in the back. I'm a bit of a worry wart so I ordered 2 extra skeins this morning to make sure I have enough for an xl as I went up a hook size. The navy is beautiful. I can't wait to show off my finished product...probably in March.
  4. How is the finished piece fitting for xl? I just got my backorder yarn. Should I order more skeins?
  5. My yarn just arrived today. I have two questions. First, the twist in the navy looks very dark. For others using navy does that dark striping seem to fade? Second, I have read many comments on the xl sizing. How is that working out? Has anyone resorted to purchasing more yarn? Thanks for the help. Can't wait to start this beautiful project!
  6. My yarn is one of the back ordered colors. I was just wondering how I can track the possible shipment date. Thanks!!
  7. I received my pattern this morning too. I ordered the navy and can't wait to get started!
  8. I am new to the forum but not to crochet. I began crocheting years ago after watching my mom create beautiful doiles and afghans for our home. I can't wait to begin my first crochet along!
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