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  1. Benny1962

    New to Crochetville!

    Hi and Welcome from Va
  2. Benny1962

    Hi from NC

    hi from va
  3. Benny1962

    Athlete Registration

    1. Details About Your Project: Sampler Throw @ Redheart using a I - 5.5 mm hook 2. Why this project is a challenge: I work fulltime as a welding inspector and just began crocheting 3 months ago for relaxation. This will be a challenge since I have never done these stiches before. 3.Team: None 4. Completion status: Not started 5. Date and time finished:
  4. Benny1962

    - new to crochet

    Interested in participating in the Crochet Games of Ancient Greece. I just started crocheting 3 months ago and am looking forward to a new challenge! Let me know what I need to do to enter. Thanks from VA.