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  1. I'm making a baby blanket using waffle weave and a very delicate light pink yarn. I feel like I've worked myself into a corner because blanket is thicker which isn't typical for a baby blanket. Now I don't know what kind of edging to put on it that will go well with the blanket and still be pretty enough for a baby blanket. Any suggestions?

  2. It's a few bad eggs that spoil it for everyone. Because people do these kinds of things it may turn into not being able to return yarn at all. Not that I make a practice of it but sometimes I'll buy and return yarn at different stores in a chain to try and get all of the same dye lot. Bummer this happened, hope you can find the rest of the yarn to finish your project.

  3. Craftygirl2,

    I would love to help. What kind of squares are you looking for...colors, patterns, etc. Don't know how many I'll get done since I'm kinda new at this but I'll absolutely do everything I can. I worked in a nursing home before and will always have a place in my heart for them. PM me with where to send them to and any specifics.


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