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  1. Thanks, RoseRed! I love your suggestion! I think you are right on all accounts. I'll let you know how it turns out.
  2. I'm making a baby blanket using waffle weave and a very delicate light pink yarn. I feel like I've worked myself into a corner because blanket is thicker which isn't typical for a baby blanket. Now I don't know what kind of edging to put on it that will go well with the blanket and still be pretty enough for a baby blanket. Any suggestions?
  3. Moomooo, I purchased and downloaded the magazine from: http://www.e-patternscentral.com/detail.html?prod_id=3926 I too want to make the Noah's Ark blanket. It was $5.99 to purchase and it lets you download it right away. Lizzard
  4. I took a class where we made squares of each stitch we learned. At the end of the class we sewed them all together and made an afgan.
  5. Thanks these are really great and I'm so happy you are sharing them with us! I love the mummy, what a cute idea!
  6. That has to be the cutest opossum ever! I'll be buying that pattern!
  7. Absolutely amazing, I working on creating a pattern for an afgan for my brother but I'm still working up the courage to start. This is very inspirational and gets me wanting to start on my project. Great work!
  8. I too would love something like this..where was it that you found the pattern?
  9. Wow, I love this! I've been waiting to find a pattern like this. Thanks soo much!
  10. That's funny because I just got a Rubik's Cube as a gift this week? What are the odds?
  11. lizzard

    Lily and her pals

    Very Cute! I have been looking for a Penguine pattern for my brother. Thanks!
  12. I too would love to see the pattern, also for xmas. It is really cute!
  13. Craftygirl2, I would love to help. What kind of squares are you looking for...colors, patterns, etc. Don't know how many I'll get done since I'm kinda new at this but I'll absolutely do everything I can. I worked in a nursing home before and will always have a place in my heart for them. PM me with where to send them to and any specifics. Liz
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