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    blankets, hats, scarves, dishclothes, cat beds (aka blanket swatches)
  1. Ahhh!!!! You are my hero Magic Crochet Fan! Thank you SO MUCH! Here is the full size picture too LOL!
  2. Because I don't know any other way to upload pictures and I wanted you to see the pom pom I just made my profile pic one of it on the hat I'm currently working on. Have a great night! Beth
  3. I'd definitely hand wash cold/dry flat with this yarn. Fiber Content :10% Wool, 40% Acrylic, 35% Micro Polyamide, 15% Polyester. The pom pom feels like its made with the fluffy "fake fur" and the fibers are pretty well intact. I'm about 2/3 done the knit hat (loving how its coming out) then I'll work on a crochet one. Honestly - I will be picking a very basic slouchy hat pattern and just let the yarn "do the work" I love when its that easy haha.
  4. I'm actually having a lot of trouble finding one online (its that new). I'll make one myself as soon as I'm done with the knit one i'm working on. I guess I should make a pattern available too I will need a few days. Beth
  5. I'll find one but it won't be my own. The pom pom is included but separate so you tie it on yourself.
  6. I would like to introduce you to a new line of yarn from Ice - "Nancy'. With a single skein you can make a totally unique hat - including the pom pom. I have personally used this yarn and love the results. There are no patterns available but if you use your favorite slouchy hat pattern and your imagination you will have a wonderful one-of-a-kind hat. http://wittyknits.yarnshopping.com/nancy-hat Fiber Content :10% Wool, 40% Acrylic, 35% Micro Polyamide, 15% Polyester Needle Size :6 - 6 mm. / US 10 - 10 Colors vary depending on availability. Sold only in packages of 3. (I plan to offer some in my Etsy store when I can afford to stock it). Beth
  7. Thank you. I didn't realize there was a specific place for indie shops to advertise.
  8. I just started selling yarn for a company in Turkey and would appreciate if you could check out my site. Yes, the shipping is a little high but the yarn prices are amazing and make up for it. There are sales that start on Monday (noon-Eastern time) that will save you even more money. Next time you need yarn would you consider checking out Witty Knits Yarn Shop? Beth
  9. Hi. My name is Beth and I am not really new here but I am with this account. I am from Massachusetts (Worcester) and always looking for new friends and crochet ideas. I run a charity in Massachusetts which is what my other account is but wanted to advertise my new business so I created a second account to avoid confusion (being totally up-front). Looking forward to making some new friends... Beth
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