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    Crocheting, scrapbooking, reading, baking, cross-stitch, and other varied crafts when I have time!
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    I am a Children's Librarian for an active urban library...your prayers are appreciated. :)
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    I restarted crocheting early last year(2005).
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    Afghans. They seem to be the most forgiving!
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  1. I went home for lunch to pick up the library parakeets(I babysit them every other weekend) and my package was waiting for me, yay!! I brought it back to work with me so I could open it immediately - a gorgeous variegated green scarf, two skeins of beautiful rainbow variegated, one ocean blend variegated, a cookie cookbook and an AWESOME handcarved crochet hook(my coworkers who knit/crochet were drooling )! I'm in heaven. Renee(rlanto), thank you SO much. I will take pictures when I get home. Thank you again - hope you enjoy your package!
  2. Renee(rlanto) - I checked the tracking(cause I'm impatient ), and they delivered the package about 30 mins after I left for work this morning, boo! My sister is checking for a delivery slip, so hopefully I can pick it up on my way home. You package went out today at lunchtime - I PMed you and auntbubbels the confirmation number. It should be there by Tuesday at the latest. Really hope you like it! Dani
  3. Hope everyone's week is going okay! It's cool and rainy...quite a switch from hot and breezy 2 days ago! *lol* Hi Jimmie! I'm almost done with your package - I just need to get one more item and I'll be shipping!
  4. Whoo-hoo, we've got partners!! Hi Jimmie Lu - will email you sometime today!
  5. rlanto/renee - I haven't sent an email in a couple of days, but will by tomorrow(wedding prep for mah mom!). Your yarn came in last nite and I've already started on your scarf, woot!
  6. Oh my goodness, I hope she's okay.
  7. Woot! *bounces* I think I know what yarn I'm going to use for your scarf - now to buy it! I'm at mah cousins spoiling my cousins bebehs - everyone have a great weekend!
  8. Oh that's so cool - I love it! Your niece is going to flip when she sees it. Awesome job!
  9. crochetgoddess - There may be something up at Anna's, her last post was the 24th. As far as I know, she's been swapping here on the 'Ville for a while. She was my partner in my first swap, and she was absolutely wonderful to me. Just hang in there.
  10. Yay, surveys!! Hi Renee! I just sent you an e-mail. Can't wait to get started!
  11. I got my package last night - woot! The most incredible wool yarn and assorted goodies. I'll post a pic and description of everything later this evening, but I wanted to get my thank you to Stormy in now - you've been a wonderful swap partner!!
  12. Hey!! No fair! U know we're all going to be bouncing around until you send us our partners!
  13. I couldn't help myself....I'm in!
  14. I couldn't help myself. I'm in!
  15. Stormy - I'm so glad u liked everything!! I had a ball shopping at the LYS. And Lindor and Burt are my best friends. This swap may have to be done more than once a year...