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  1. I am so sorry I missed it! My work is just like that, and thats the way it is. But I would love to hear how much fun you all had. :-) And ... any plans for the next one? Peace, Kristen
  2. Hi Gleda -- so glad you're doing this! I need your address and phone number. Can you please email it to me? I'm at kmd@lifeofaction.org Thanks! -- Kristen
  3. Hey tweety -- I couldn't agree more! If one of you guys wants to host in Manchester area next time, I'll definitely come up.
  4. [grin] Well, Vernon is a good hour-plus away from me, so it will be a stretch but I hope still do-able! But it sounds like there's at least three crochetville-ers who are in your area. Maybe the next meetup could be up in Manchester/Vernon area. Peace, Kristen
  5. Well, I'm thinking we'll still be going strong in the afternoon. But to save you a trip, you could call and check. Send me an email and I'll email back with my phone # kmd@lifeofaction.org Peace, Kristen
  6. Hi folks -- Come one come all, come to hook come to nosh. We're meeting up on Saturday, August 26 at 11am at my home in Berlin, Connecticut. We'll crochet, we'll have lunch, we'll crochet some more. :-) Email me for address, phone # etc: kmd@lifeofaction.org Peace, Kristen
  7. I'm Kristen and I live in Connecticut. I've been crocheting since I was about 8 years old. I picked it up again in earnest within the past two-three years. I really like thread crochet and am looking with longing at some Irish crochet projects. Projects in progress include: the "waterlily" afghan from the 200 Crochet Blocks book, plus another afghan, a sweater, a scarf ... I think that's it for now. Peace, Kristen
  8. Is there already a location where the CT Crochetville folks meet to hook and yak? Do you alternate? How about my house in Berlin (31 Glenbrook Road, Berlin, CT) on Saturday morning, August 26 at 10am for coffee-and and crocheting? Email me at kmd@lifeofaction.org if you'd like to come. There. How's that for starting off? :-)
  9. Hey there -- don't know if anyone is still watching this thread, but I'm in Berlin, Connecticut. I'm north of Hamden by about 40 minutes. Get together, anyone?
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