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    I loooooooove baby projects!!!
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    I learned a little as a kid, but really got into it after my surgery in Nov. of 2005
  1. DS has outgrown his and is beside himself! He's a size 4-5. I'll even convert a knit one if I have to. He's living in denial, still wearing it even though it's only about 2 inches below his elbow! Thanks for your help, ladies!
  2. The hat is cute, but that Baby- you could but a burlap bag on her head and she'd still be adorable!
  3. There's also the infamous "Roseanne Afghan" on their couch, the black granny square one they keep even after they win the lotto!
  4. Hey, how come MY bolero doesn't look like that on me . . . LOL!
  5. Well she'll never be at a loss for a potholder or coaster, I suppose- just take out the joining seam from a square and voile!
  6. Sometimes it is just a matter or having too many afghans or whatever in the house! I have donated items (both handmade and bought) that were nice (some still with tags on them) if we aren't using them because I figure it's just going to collect dust in my house and it could bless someone else. Do the less fortunate or people on a tight budget (like me) deserve no more than ratty old stuff? I don't think so.
  7. Thanks, Kristy! That pattern was so easy, in less than 3 hours (I'm still a little slow going in the round with WW and a smaller hook) I had a pig! I'll post when he gets some eyes! I think I'll embroider them, since he is going to a house with little ones who could chew off an "eye". I'm going to make all your farm animals and send them to my godchildren who are in Oaxaco, Mexico (with their parents) as missionaries. It takes months for packages to get there sometimes, I know they won't "outgrow" these like clothes in a few months and they'll travel well. You're the best!
  8. It depends entirely on the state of my house, my two and four year old and my dog. I crocheted all weekend while we were at my MIL's cabin, I had someone else to help watch the kids for a change! I go in spurts and use pockets of time- like bath time and potty time with my 2 yr. old (both times you'll find me singing and sitting on the edge of the tub or on a stool crocheting away), when DH is watching the history channel and in waiting rooms. I've been known to play soccer with the boys in the yard with a ball of yarn in my pocket and a hook in my hand- since soccer requires no hands!
  9. Hi cutie! So glad you popped in! I told you you'd like it here! THis is the woman who gave methe courage to try a pattern, I blame her for my addi . . .er hobby.
  10. I have a hard time keeping my margins straight with TC, any suggestions?
  11. This is the CAL for me! I finished one present (A "coming home poncho" for my sister), I had to wrap it in Christmas paper so I would quit fussing over it! Next to do is afghans for my BIL & SIL's on Dh's side (1 per couple makes 3) & a kitchen rug and tea cozey for my (other) sister. I will start with the afghans, and this time I'll take a picture BEFORE I wrap it- DUH!
  12. NO way are you alone, I keep a G hook in my purse and yarn in the diaper bag! I also have yarn in the glove dept. My GF said she put a crying child to sleep in a waiting room by knitting, I bet her mommy was glad SHE brought that project!
  13. I was making some baby mittens (free form) to match the acorn hat from "too cute crochet for babies and toddlers." I thought I was done. I had weaved in all my ends, brushed the insides to make them nice and soft (it is VERY hard to find baby yarn in dark brown, I had to make due with nasty old WW yarn) and THEN I saw it. I had done the body in single crochet (light brown)just like the other, made the eyelet round (dk brown)and done my pineapple stitches just dandy. but I forgot to do a round of single crochet BEFORE the eyelet round in dark brown. Now I have to start the bottom ALL OVER and I can't re-use the yarn I used last time because it's all fuzzy from the brushing! Thank you for letting me whine, I'm going to be more careful next time!
  14. My nephew crochets hats and blankets and SELLS them at school! (He's 14) He also hunts, fishes and does other "manly" things. I dare him to tell Emeril or Mario Batali they're sissy boys for cooking . . . Tell him redheart has camoflage yarn, my DH loves it when I make stuff for him (he's a hunter) and the boys with it.
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