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    I'm just your run of the mill expat Canuck crazy cat lady geek, with a newfound yarn addiction.
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    Wisconsin, USA
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    painting, jewelery making, cooking, baking, gardening, quilting, geocaching, reading, video games
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    web desinger / college student
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    bags, garments
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    Since 2006
  1. From Kro-Sha's news page: Such sad news! I love the atmosphere in that store, and I've always experienced nothing but friendly and helpful service there.
  2. I bought a copy at my LYS yesterday. What a great issue! I'm not sure what to make first.
  3. There's a great looking vest pattern in this month's issue of Crochet Today.
  4. I didn't even make it that far into the show; the host/yarn store owner grated on my nerves, even before she started insulting crocheters. Maybe it was because she was talking about newbies needing to drop loads of cash her $9 a pair (!!) needles, and $50 worth of Berroco yarn for their very first project. I've never understood the enmity between certain crocheters and knitters (don't forget, it does go both ways). We all get enough grief from non-crafters, so why do we need to hate on each other?
  5. My husband's taken to calling it the "White Death" storm. I went out last night and stocked up on all the important things: cat food, ice cream, and yarn. So bring it on!
  6. I picked it up today, and it was definitely worth the wait. My only problem is that I can't decide what to make first!
  7. I like to crochet while watching the crafty shows on DIY network. Especially Uncommon Threads, since they have a good amount of episodes about crochet. I always feel more creative and inspired after watching those. Reruns of my favourite sci-fi shows are also pretty common.
  8. Lovely! Those blue-green colours are wonderful. Nice job!
  9. I, too, would love to see more browns. I've had a hard time finding a really nice rich chocolate brown yarn, at least locally.
  10. On the whole, I'm so awful at finishing things, so I'm trying to take one project at a time. Okay, maybe two at a time. Or just three.... four maybe? Although I do come by my procrastination honestly; my father is the exact same way. Which my mother never fails to point out is the reason she had to wait over twenty years for him to finish building the cupboards in her kitchen. I hope I don't work quite THAT long on some of my projects!
  11. Wonderful! You look so nice. I love the colours in the wool you chose. Nice work!
  12. I'd love to see it! I'm about a size 20, and it is always so dissapointing to pick up a cute pattern only to find that it only goes up to say, a small or a medium. If you're willing to share your pattern, I'd really appreciate it.
  13. I love 'em! They look nice and cozy, like you'd always have warm ears. Your yarn choices are so pretty, too. I think that I may have to hook up a couple for Christmas presents this year; thanks for sharing the pattern.
  14. I live in the Sheboygan area. But between my husband's family in the Milwaukee, and our love of road trips and geocaching, we manage to get around to many different parts of this beautiful state. Since I only moved here a few years ago, it's nice to meet so many people from Wisconsin. I'm sorry that I missed the Milwaukee meet-up; are there any plans for another one in the future?
  15. Hello, fellow Canucks! I grew up in southwestern Ontario. Even though I live in Wisconsin now, I still manage to go home at least every couple of months; it helps with the homesickness a little bit. It's nice to see so many Canadians here in Crochetville.
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