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  1. I have done this reversible crochet. I made an afghan/blanket for a junior size bed. It does take what seems like a lot of yarn, but the finished blanket is nice and thick and warm. I did mine with a variegated white/pink/blue with a solid white on the other side. Now that you ladies are talking about it, guess I will now have to make another one. They really are nice blankets. Oh, just an added note - the one I made was over 25 years ago for one of my friends who had just had a baby.
  2. Recently I watched a video showing how to make a turning dc that does not leave a space. Does anyone have information where to find this? I forgot to make a note of it when I watched and sure do regret my failure to do so. I did find the video from another board. For those of you who might be interested, it is youtube.com/watch?v=3LxYpo-tyi8 This is a very clever way of making a no turn dc and leaving no space at the beginning or end of a row. Thanks to any and all who have looked for this and I hope my giving you the address will suffice for your time spent. PPS Oh, and yes, both of those addresses are what I wanted. Thanks!!!!
  3. That afghan is so GORGEOUS. I am in the process of making an afghan similar to one on an envelope of afghan kits club that I got in the mail. My son and I both fell in love with the pattern. On the envelope, the center is all white with 2 shades of green pattern around the outside edge. I am changing it somewhat by adding a small green pattern in the very middle to match the outside pattern and I am using 3 greens and white to make mine. I used a graph paper to draw out the pattern that I will use (similar). It takes 189 squares and in 2 days I now have 9 made. Wonder how long before I get all 189 made and then all the putting together and end weaving??!!! Oh, well, it will be pretty when I am done.
  4. Mine happened with thread when I was finishing a tablecloth that my mother had started before she passed away. I put a bandaid on and that helped. Of course, it meant changing the bandaid several times before the tablecloth was finished. I also got a rub mark when I made two afghans with Paton's Divine. It is a very course yarn, but was lucky enough to get them finished before a full blown yarn burn set in. Agree, what a price we pay for what we want to finish!!
  5. Yes, there are books and pamphlets for left handed people. There are also a lot of helps on the computer. If you type in left handed crochet there are many places to go check and easy to learn from. Hope this is of some help to you.
  6. I too am hooked on RR's. My surprise one was for a 16 yr old lad and had no idea what colors to use. Ended up with off white, tan, brown. When he opened the gift, we were all surprised because they were the colors of his room. I had not conferred and had no idea. Pleasant surprise!! I have made the spiderman, neopolitan, and so far 8 all together. They are really a lot of fun to start putting colors together and see what the final picture will be.
  7. If you go to SEARCH and type in cro-knit patterns, lots of information on patterns and stitches comes up. There are many free ones and more pay for ones.
  8. As someone followed up, the difference is in the twist or non-twist of the stitches. I knit right to left on the back side of the needle pulling the yarn through on the right needle. When I purl, I use the front of the left needle and pull the yarn from front to back onto the right needle. My stitches do not come out twisted. When I was helping the friend, she did the right hand throw around the right needle and those stitches do come out twisted at the base of the stitch. I was told for years that the method I use was called pick knit and when I read about continental knit I think it is the same or very close to what I do. I can do it much faster than the throw method. I also use mostly round needles because it is hard for me to handle what I call the flapping of the two needles .
  9. I do the pick knitting - yarn in the left hand like crochet. For most patterns, I have no problem with this. However, occasionally there is a pattern that if you want it to look like the picture it has to be done by the right hand throw method. I had this happen with a shawl one time. It took me longer to finish but was worth the effort. Another time a friend asked me to help her with something she was making and she used the throw method. Sure had to learn in a hurry to help her.
  10. I loved looking at all the trees everyone was showing and decided to try one myself. They are so easy to make. The first one was done in green and edged with reverse sc to look like snow on the ends of the branches. The second one I did in blue and edged with Sensations Angel Hair yarn. I must admit, I like the green one best. Sorry I do not have pictures at this time. Need to learn how to do them first. I plan to make these to give to friends for Christmas who have small areas and no room for big trees.
  11. I think someone has been peeking at my stash. It has really been growing lately for projects in mind. Went to store the other day for 2 skeins of a particular yarn - not there - and came home with 10 or 12 more skeins for another project. Really need to slow down my thought process to equal my output process. There must be a happy medium somewhere!!!!!!!!
  12. Having just recently learned the puff stitch, I can totally appreciate the work put in on this blanket. Great job and I know will be greatly appreciated.
  13. I was having the same problem. I tried different things and still not logged on. Then for some reason, I clicked remember me first and then I got logged on. Try this and see if it works for you.
  14. I was fortunate enough to get enough yarn of different colors to make 2 and maybe 3 afghans. I got 10 of the earth brown and am going to use 3 pink to go with it for one afghan. The other one is white, light blue, denim blue and black. It is working up to be a beautiful afghan. I was extremely excited to get all this yarn for that price.
  15. This is a diamonds and popcorn pattern. I believe the braid part is made by 2 popcorns out of the same dc stitch that would be done between the popcorns. Is this something you need soon or would you give me some time to check out my theory? I am willing to give it a try, but will need a little time on the double popcorn part to figure out their pattern. You can PM me if you like and we can discuss it a little more.
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