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Pamela Verona Rubino

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    Central Florida
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    Antique car restoration shop & web/graphics design
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    baby clothes
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  1. Pamela Verona Rubino

    My Little Sweetie dress

    very pretty... now I want icecream. LOL I had that youtube video bookmarked to make. Haven't decided on colors yet but will start soon.
  2. Pamela Verona Rubino

    Red dress

    Really beautiful! Red is my favorite color =)
  3. Pamela Verona Rubino

    My newbie baby beanies!

    Very cute! Great job =)
  4. Pamela Verona Rubino

    2 tone pink

    Very cute! I keep wanting to try this dress. How long did it take you to make?
  5. Pamela Verona Rubino

    Doll for Matching Sweater/Hat Set

    That is so cute!
  6. Pamela Verona Rubino

    Red and White sweater set

    Here's the red and white newborn sweater set I just finished. I'm not happy with the sweater. I dont know why it turned out alittle wonky. But everyone seems to love it and I now have people asking me to make them sets and saying I should sell them. I'm not that fast at making them. LOL I would probably be faster once I learn to make them without watching youtube videos or using patterns. I now have a headband and 3 baby sets to make. LOL I actually made this for a friend's babyshower in February. What do you think? Thanks for looking!
  7. Pamela Verona Rubino

    Baby beanies and booties

    Thank you everyone =) I'm working on a red and white set for a baby shower. I'll post when I'm done.
  8. Pamela Verona Rubino

    Baby Outfit Take 2

    Adorable! Very nice work
  9. Pamela Verona Rubino

    Plants vs.Zombies zombie hat

    Too cute! I love it!
  10. Pamela Verona Rubino

    Earwarmers with flower

    hello all... Just wanted to share the earwarmers with a flower I just crocheted. First time doing this. Should have bigger buttons but those were the only ones I had. So i may change those out. But otherwise, what do you think? Thanks for looking! =)
  11. Pamela Verona Rubino

    Foxy earwarmer

    That's really cute! and yeah... the first thing that came to mind was singing... what does the fox say. hahaha
  12. Pamela Verona Rubino

    Jigsaw Afghan

    That's cute! Love it!
  13. Pamela Verona Rubino

    another 3D flower blanket

    Very beautiful! A lot of work went into that for sure!
  14. Pamela Verona Rubino

    Baby beanies and booties

    I couldn't stop myself... first time making the pants.... had to finish the set lol Thank you for the compliments! I appreciate it
  15. Pamela Verona Rubino

    hat 3

    Very cute